Stay Out of Your Comfort Zone

We can not change the world through effort or by trying. We can change our lives/selves however. It is possible for the world to be changed as a result of us changing (our lives/selves). So the next time I am talking to someone about the state of society or government, the human race, the world, or whatever, and they ask me “So what are you doing about it?” my answer will be “I’m changing my life.”

After all, what if the world/government/society is merely a reflecting pool showing us who we really are on a deeper (and perhaps ignored) subconscious level? That would mean that the government or economy is in the shape they are in as a direct result of the shape society is in; society and societal standards are in the shape they are in as a direct reflection of the shape and standards the people who comprise the society are in. It is ok to accept that accountability because we have the ability to change our lives for the better; and in all honesty everyone should desire to change their life for the better because no one is perfect. It might take a large majority of people to make changes before a result could be seen on a macro level; but even if it would not change society, changing your life can make you more resilient in the society/economy you live in thus changing your world – or at least your corner of it. The reason people don’t or won’t do it is because it is hard, scary, uncomfortable, or they haven’t experienced enough discomfort or pain to be fed up. Some want someone or something to make the change for them, so they don’t have to feel any pain or accept any blame if they fail at the attempt. Some believe the status quo is sustainable and will go on in perpetuity. Many don’t want to face the reality that in this world if you aren’t moving forward you are moving backward, if you aren’t growing you are dying. Never mind what you wish would work, what actually does work? (And) Sometimes questions are more important than answers.