Back To it Tuesday

Cubicle Prison Workout 5/30/2017

Just back to the cube after a 5 day weekend; lots to catch up on. Either Saturday or Sunday, I can’t remember which, I went to bed with my elbow area screaming in agony. I don’t know if I injured myself, or just worked some muscle(s) to the extreme. I do know how it happened: chambering rounds in my new toy. The charging handle on that thing feels like a hydraulic press. The pain was so bad that I had trouble fallen asleep.

Hanging Stretch (toe toucher stretch)

Glute Flex – 30 reps

Torso Mobility Drill – Trunk Twiss, Hip Circles, Rib Cage side to sides (from dance class), Hip side to side – 30 each

Plank – 2 min

Calf stretch / Calf raise (on floor) – 35 left leg, 38 right leg

Glute Bridge on Exerball – 50

Scissor Lunge – 25/side, Great form

Stiff Leg Deadlift – 50

Pushup – 40 – Failure at top of last rep, couldn’t even attempt 41

– Great form, paused for 1 breath at top of movement from reps 30-40

– Full ROM (nose touching ground)

Man, just finished pushup and my chest feels soooo pumped! No elbow issues.

Neck Mobility

Scapular Dips – 40, feet on footrest (elevated off of floor, legs straight)

Rotating Side Plank with step-through – 10

Isometric chest press – upper pec – 1 min

Delt raise w/Purple band – 27 Failure

– Perfect form, kept arms completely straight

Isometric Chest Squeeze – lower pec – 30 seconds, max intensity

Delt Raise Black Band – 12 total Failure!

– Good form

Have a Great Day!