Vitamin C and Sugar – Who Knew?

Human cells have receptors on their membrane surface which allows certain compounds to cross over into the cell. These receptors are very specific in regards to the type of binding molecule (ligand) they will bind with. Sugar and Vitamin C have a similar structure and therefore enter cells using the same receptor – the Glut-1 receptor. Insulin (the ligand) moves both glucose and ascorbic acid into cells, including phagocytic immune cells. These cells remove microbes, tumor cells and debris from the blood.

Almost all animals have the ability to manufacture vitamin C within their bodies and have no need to consume it from external sources, with the exceptions being guinea pigs, primates, and humans. The vitamin C is manufactured from glucose, and because of this, the Glut-1 receptor prefers glucose and will choose sugar over Vitamin C when it has the option to. As such, Glucose and ascorbic acid are in constant competition for insulin the insulin that is available. This means (for those of you playing along at home) that the more sugar you are consuming, the less vitamin C you are absorbing.

But wait, there’s more. As hinted at above, phagocytic immune cells can destroy pathogens. They do this by creating superoxide and other reactive oxygen species through a series of chemical reactions known as the HMP shunt. Ascorbic acid stimulates this process and glucose inhibits it, making it harder to fight diseases and viruses. Ascorbic acid has the ability to deactivate this if too much is in the system. The HMP shunt also produces ribose and deoxyribose which are necessary to for making DNA and RNA.


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CATO Institute Report – Cost and Consequences of Gun Control


I’ve excerpted some of the highlights of the paper.

“This paper will scrutinize the three most common gun-control ideas that have been put forward in recent years: universal background checks, a ban on high-capacity magazines, and a ban on assault weapons. These proposals are misguided and will not prevent the crimes that typically prompt officials to make pleas for more gun control.

More Background Checks

In 2013, the FBI conducted more than 21 million background checks for firearm purchases. Dylann Roof, the racist who attacked the churchgoers in Charleston, had previously been arrested, and he had admitted to law enforcement officers that he was a user of methamphetamine. That was sufficient, under the federal Gun Control Act of 1968, to prohibit him from owning guns, because the statute bans gun ownership by illegal drug users. However, as the FBI later admitted, the bureau failed to properly enter into its database the prohibiting information that had been provided by local law enforcement.

Professor James Alan Fox of Northeastern University, who studies mass shootings, explains that “mass killers are determined, deliberate and dead-set on murder. They plan methodically to execute their victims, finding the means no matter what laws or other impediments the state attempts to place in their way. To them, the will to kill cannot be denied.”

Gun-control advocates often claim that 40 percent of annual firearms sales take place today without background checks. The Washington Post “fact-checker” has debunked that claim, giving it “Three Pinocchios.” The Post noted that the survey data used for the study on which the 40 percent claim is based are more than two decades old, which means they were collected prior to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System becoming operational in 1998, and the survey only polled 251 people

High Capacity Magazines

Why might someone need a factory-standard 17-round magazine for a common 9mm handgun? As noted, standard-capacity magazines can be very useful for self-defense. This is especially true if a defender faces multiple attackers, an attacker is wearing heavy clothing or body armor, an attacker who is turbo-charged by methamphetamine or cocaine, or an attacker who poses an active threat from behind cover. In stressful circumstances, police as well as civilians often miss when firing a handgun even at close range, so having the extra rounds can be crucial.

Although one can quickly change magazines, persons being attacked by criminals will typically prefer not to spend even a few seconds for a magazine change. The stress of being attacked usually impedes fine motor skills, making it much more difficult to insert the magazine. The criminal has the element of surprise, and can bring several guns, or lots of magazines, whereas the victim will usually have on hand, at most, a single defensive gun with only as much ammunition as is in that gun. This gives the advantage to the criminal.

Advocates of a ban on standard-capacity magazines assert that while the attacker is changing the magazine, an intended victim might be able to subdue him — yet they cannot point to a single instance where this actually happened. At Newtown, the criminal changed magazines seven times and no one escaped, but when his rifle jammed, people did escape. Similarly, in the Luby’s cafeteria murders (24 dead), the perpetrator replaced magazines multiple times. In the Virginia Tech murders (32 dead), the perpetrator changed magazines 17 times.

Assault Weapons

(What the heck even is that?)

– The UK homicide rate tends to fluctuate between one and two per 100,000 population. The U.S. homicide rate is 4.7 (as of 2011). The difference is not entirely due to guns, since the non-gun U.S. homicide rate is consistently higher than the UK total homicide rate.

– In other categories of major violent crime, the UK is generally worse than the United States. In 2010, the assault rate per 100,000 population was 250.9 in the United States; 664.4 in England and Wales; 1449.7 in Scotland; and 80.6 in Northern Ireland.

– Burglary rates were: United States 695.9; England and Wales, 946.1; Northern Ireland, 658.7; and Scotland, 479.1. So the overall UK burglary rate is significantly worse

– In the United States, only a fairly small percentage of home burglaries take place when the occupants are home, but in Great Britain, about 59 percent do.94 In surveys, American burglars say that they avoid occupied homes because of the risk of getting shot.

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Cubicle Prison Workout – 6/02/2017

Freaky Friday

Slept really good for 10 hours last night, a lot of that time on my back, and my back felt great upon waking. Knee still tender, so I am wearing my copper knee wrap. My outer thigh is tender too, actually. I did overhead press before returning to prison this morning, it felt really good. Slight twinge in my elbow, so I’ll test it with some pushups or chair dips ;after. I may skip legs today, but I’ll do a test with lunges or something to make the determination.

So here’s the breakdown:

Dumbbell Overhead press before work – 15 lb dumbbells – 25 reps

Once back in my cell,

Neck Mobility, shoulder mobility, trunk mobility, calf stretch.

Chair Dip, feet on floor – 30 to test elbow and as a warm up for pushups


Checked blood sugar – 85, drink 1 serving of AminoLinx

Pushups – 40, reached failure at top of #40, Full ROM

Iso Chest Press for Upper pec – 45 sec, good burn

drink 1 more serving of AminoLinx


Iso Chest Press for Lower pec – 45 seconds

Chair Dip Feet on Desk – 25; super slow, pause at top, not to failure but epic burn

Delt Raise Purple bands – 30, good form, not failure but epic burn

Alternating Rear Lunge – 25; weak form, quads still weak, definitely harder in jeans that fit

Chair dip feet on Desk – 20; almost failure, super slow

Delt Raise Purple bands – 15, 3 second pause, 10 – serious burn

Checked blood sugar – 85 drink 1 serving of AminoLinx

3:45 Side Plank Dips – 10; slow and controlled, good ROM, felt like blood sugar was dropping again. Checked and it was 72, ate a Butterfinger Bite. Core feels really good.

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Cubicle Prisoner Workout – Thursday 6/1/2017

Woke up pretty stiff, but nothing out of the ordinary. Considering yesterday it was to be expected. My left outer calf was stiff getting out of the car upon my arrival back to the joint this morning, but it seems to be better ow that I’m more mobile. I really tore down my body yesterday, so I’m not sure what to do today. I’m thinking: Bicycle Crunch for sure, probably Hamstrings too to balance out the quad work I did yesterday. Possibly back and biceps at home tonight.

Neck Mobility / Shoulder Mobility

Hamstring Stretch

Rear Leg Lift – 25

Back Extension on ball – 25

Sitting trunk Twist on ball – 25

– Back popped, felt good

Bicycle Crunch – 60; muscular failure!

– Full extension of legs

– Lots of rotation

– Fast reps, hip flexors burning on 50-60, just as fatigued as abs

Standing Hamstring Curls – 50; reached failure

– Slow reps, right is weaker than left

Chair Dip with feet on desk – 25


It’s been about 30 minutes, and my hamstrings are freaking wasted.

1:02 PM – left knee bothering me again, feels a little swollen, kinda aches. Ankle/top of foot may an issue too.

4:00 PM – Side Leg Lifts – 6, 30; Tough standing on leg that goes 2nd. It was almost muscular failure on standing leg!

6:00 PM Pullups at Home – 3.5, 3.5

Not full ROM, but just enough ROM to not call them partials. I used a different hand position.

I want to try one more set, but I feel like I may be trying to come down with something AGAIN! I did not get enough sleep last night, and what I did get sucked.

6:05 PM – Did 2nd set, 1 short ROM, 1 Full ROM, 1 sloppy short ROM and a sloppy ½.

6:45 Feeling some pain in left Brachialis / Brachiordalis (not sure which, possibly both).

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Cubicle Prison Workout – 5/31/2017

Murph Wednesday

Woke up this morning and back was a little achy, I didn’t sleep on my back much. Interesting thing, when I bent down (in my chair) to put my shoes on for work, my glutes were freaking insanely tight. Whatever I did yesterday really taxed them.

Calf Stretch/Quad Stretch/Hamstring Stretch/ Hip Flexor Stretch/Glute Stretch. Wow my glutes are tight.

It’s been over an hour since I stretched, the guard (my boss) showed up, and I’ve had to run to the bathroom twice because of that stupid leftover lobster I ate last night.

1 hours later

Shoulder Mobility/Stretch

Re-stretch Legs

Calf Raise Elevated (on a 2×4 I keep behind my file cabinet) – 24 left/27 right – these number were to failure

Hamstring Curls – 30

Glute Flex Standing – 30

Ankle Rotation (basically a mobility drill)

Murph – Exercises are done with no rest between movements, 20 reps each, 2 min for planks. The goal is to get 100 pushups and 200 squats, and 10 minutes of planks before the end of the day.

1st set – Air Squat/Pushup/Wide Stance Air Squat

-Dang, forgot to Plank! Plank – 2 Minutes. Shoulders and back fatiguing fast, not sure I can keep doing planks today.

2nd set – Pushup Plank/Air Squat/Plank/Wide Squat/Pushup; planks were 1 min each. Freakin plank is frying my shoulders.

3rd set – only did 1 min of regular plank, it’s too much; it’s holding me back on my pushups, my form is suffering.

4th – 6th sets – same. I am really sucking wind! The first 6 sets I did from 10:30 – 12:15

Re-warmup before starting again: knee bouncing and glute flex

7th – 10th sets – same. Left knee started feeling gimpy.

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