My Health

Anyone who knows me knows I take health seriously.  I am going to use this page to begin documenting the various approaches and supplements that I take in an attempt to maximize – and in some instances regain – my health.  This way I can know if something works or not, or if it is too hard to tell.  Point in case, my blood pressure.

About 4.5 years ago my blood pressure jumped from normal 120/80 to stage 1 hypertension out of the blue.  I know it wasn’t gradual because I have type 1 (juvenile) diabetes and my doctor has always required annual blood work done or he won’t refill my scripts.  I am actually now required to go every six months because of governmental requirements.  At the time I was married to wife that was dissatisfied with our life and nagged the kids and me relentlessly, when she wasn’t complaining that is.  I was also working 40+ hours per week at a job that didn’t quite pay all the bills, going to school half time, maintaining a household, being a good dad, attempting to love my wife into a more positive relationship, paying bills, etc etc etc.  I attributed the spike in blood pressure to the amount of stress I was under.

Well it’s now today.  I have had my degree for almost 4 years now, and the wife has been gone for almost 2.5 years.  Last October I moved into a new position with the same company.  Before the transition my old job no longer stressed me out as much as it did when I was being called a loser by the person that was supposed to be my safe place.  I have just started exercising again – currently only body-weight exercises but I will begin incorporating bands this week, I eat well (although it’s very non traditional), and take blood pressure meds which only help marginally.  I usually get enough sleep.  So my prime objective is two-fold: get my blood pressure back to normal, and get back in peak physical condition.



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