Shoulder Rehab – 02/20/2016

I have been doing more research, and I feel confident that I have diagnosed the muscles involved in my discomfort / restricted mobility pain. I was only half right yesterday, it’s the infraspinatus and/or the teres minor.  I have also decided that my injury is a strain, not an impingement or tendinitis.  I basically pulled a muscle.  I haven’t started with the rowing exercises yet, but I am doing the scapula mobility movements. To that I am going to add crawling.

I have a better understanding of the scapula now and I realize that it is designed to move in all directions, so some movements such as pull ups require it to be pulled to the back and down, while others such as crawling require them to be pulled forward and down with the serratus. When doing the crawl I need to make sure that my serratus are fully engaged at all times.

Here is a breakdown of the Rotator Cuff muscles:

Supraspinatus adducts the shoulder (lifts straight out to the side),

Teres Minor externally rotates the arm when bent at 90 degrees with elbow at your side,

infraspinatus rotates the arm back when bent at 90 degrees with shoulder adducted (elbow elevated),

subscapularis is the exact opposite motion as the infraspinatus – at rotates the arm forward as in a throwing motion.