Week of 05/20/2019

5/21/2019 Tuesday

11:20 – Pushups x 48; narrow hands, great form, total failure at bottom of 48. Everything just gave out and I collapsed.

I walked down 7 floors, did the pushups then walked back up 5 floors. I feel sketchy as hell right now. Checked my blood sugar and it’s fine. Maybe it was the preworkout?

Yeah, that must have been it. I just realized I took a whole scoop when I normally would take half, plus I haven’t taken it in a while so I’m sure it was the Taurine.

5/22/2019 Wednesday

8:30 – Neck Mobility Drills

10:20 – Vitamin B cocktail shot

Preworkout, but no protein powder. I dropped the container this morning and it broke. I did take 2 servings of Collagen Protein earlier though (around 9:15)

11:15 – Up/Down Dog x 5

  • Superman x 15 -> superman Isometric hold x 15 seconds
  • Yoga Pushups x 100; could have done more, but I am on display in the “Phone Room”, and my manager is interviewing replacement for the guy that got walked out last Monday (I did mention that didn’t I?)
  • Up/Down Dog x 10

11:50 – Seated Torso Twist x 75

5/23/2019 Thursday

  • Reverse lunges x 25/side, non alternating
  • Squats x 25; no rest between exercises

11:30 – back therapy

Have a Great Day!


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