Backpack Recovery Week 11/01/2018

Went and backpacked the Eagle Rock Loop in Arkansas Ouachita National forest, it was freaking brutal. 33 total miles, my starting pack weight was 35 lbs not including water. I was also carrying my Taurus 9 with ten in the magazine, but it was in my belly band and I didn’t notice the extra weight at all. There about 20 water crossings, 6 of which we had to remove shoes and wade across.

Misty and cloudy the first day, it’s been raining like mad in the TX AR OK region the last month. We were unable to start a fire the first night (Thursday). We started hiking about 2:00 Thursday afternoon, hiked about 5.5 miles then made camp. It rained lightly most of the night.

Got back to Prison on Tuesday, and a total shit storm was waiting. Failed audits, lost files, incorrect reporting of taxes in one state (not an origin based state after all), …plenty to go around. The failed audit may cost jobs, including mine. So, we are in full on panic mode around here; we have 30 days to amend three years of monthly returns, and we have to come up with some way to prove that the audit failed because we were given incorrect information years ago. Then we have to justify why we didn’t question what we were told. Ugly business this month. All that to say I am not doing much in the way of recovery training (because I have been shackled to the cube) and I may not be very diligent in my recording of this week.

11/01/2018 Thursday

Yesterday I did some light stretching and about 20 chair sits (squats), and neck and shoulder mobility.

10:30 – calf stretch / up dog stretch / neck mobility off of desk; all simultaneously

Shoulder circles

12:20 – seated Scapular dips x 50, full ROM, looking down, hands slightly behind line of body

Am Starving

Biceps Flex Pulse x 50, felt good.

11/02/2018 Friday

My boss broke the news to our VP yesterday, looks like I will lose my job before year end.

10:23 – Rear Delt Press into chair back x 50, really tried to dig deep, good focus

Neck Mobility; Kind of stiff on right side just below the skull,

1 min rest

Pushups x 25; close hands elbows in, mega ROM;

Windshield wipers x 10; I think left side is weaker

30 sec stretch/side; good stretch

Pushups x 20; med hands and elbows, mega ROM

All these with no rest. Pushups were to test broken finger, it didn’t seem to be a problem but they were mega tough. I am starving.

10:50 – shoulder circles x 15 front and back. 11:08 – Chair Dips x 10;

My point in logging these is to emphasize that I am implementing any and every thing to make progress. I think doing something – no matter how seemingly insignificant – is as or more important than a single workout session. Maybe not regarding building a heavily muscled body or becoming a competitive level athlete, but in terms of mobility and overall health and functionality. Our bodies must stay in motion, that is what they were designed for.

Fit After 50!

Have a Great Day!

2 thoughts on “Backpack Recovery Week 11/01/2018

  1. I really hope things with your job don’t take such a dire turn, but you seem remarkably sanguine about it. Since I don’t know you, I don’t know if you’re an optimist or hiding your emotions from the strangers on the internet. Either way, I know the panic, the fear, the anger, and the grief that comes from losing a job. It is a LOSS, a DEATH of a large part of who you are. One of the first things people always ask, when meeting someone new is, “What do you do?” I didn’t realize how much your self-identity is tied into the job you hold, until I didn’t have a job, a title, an answer to that question.

    • Thanks for the insight, it is appreciated. I don’t know if I’m an optimist or not, but I am certainly not a pessimist. I just look at things as a wave to ride. Life is an adventure don’t you know. Matthew 6:25-34, am I right? What good will freaking the f out do? I’ll still wake up in the morning, life will still be going on, and the majority of the world isn’t going to be impacted by what happens in my own little bubble one iota.

      I haven’t looked at this blog in forever, most of these posts are just emailed in, so I wasn’t even aware that anyone at all read any of my posts. I’ve been doing it for myself so I could document my journey and tag it so i could find things I want to recall easily. So this isn’t me hiding my emotions from randos. This is just me. Anyone who knows me knows I’m an open book, it’s just easier that way. I don’t really worry about people judging me, high school is behind me and I survived!

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