Cubicle Prison Workout – 6/06/2017

(Possibly)Terrific Tuesday

Man did I sleep last night. I was exhausted all day yesterday, even after getting 9 hours of sleep. It must have been carry over from being up so dang late on Saturday. So last night I ate a healthy dinner of breaded cod and roasted cauliflower with jalapeños and shallots, a nice glass of sirah, and then took an Ambien about 8:15-8:30. I don’t know what time I fell out, but I know I didn’t see 9:30. Slept like a rock, most of the night on my back, woke up about 5:45 and went in and laid back down on the couch for another solid 45 minutes. Didn’t really drift off but was completely relaxed. My back feels great. Getting up and laying on the couch in the morning really seems to make a difference in how my back feels. It’s interesting that I get better results on the green couch than I do the maroon couch. They aren’t that different.

I have scheduled with the fitness center at work to have one of the interns do my body comp (they are always looking for people that they can practice on). My last comps have been done by Elizabeth (the manager). I won’t be doing any exercise until after that, which is scheduled for 12:30. I was so out of my element getting up so early and feeling good, that I forgot to take any supplements, and I’m out of the Prime Male I keep at work. Grrrrr.

4:30 – Did pretty much nothing today since I couldn’t exercise before my body comp, and I was starving and depressed afterwards. The Omron had me pegged at 20%, and the calipers had me at 17%. That sucks!

6:45 – Flat foot jump up onto my bed 7 times out of pure angst at my body comp.

Recap of Yesterday (since my back felt so good today) to try and analyze what works for my back:

Neck Mobility

Back stretch while seated

Seated back extensions – 10 (sitting in chair touch both hands to floor then sit up straight)

– 5 rounding my back and 5 with flat back

Bicycle Crunch – 25

– Excellent form and ROM


Seated Dip (feet on floor) – 25

– Testing the elbows, seem to feel ok

– Keep elbows in, letting them flair out stresses the joint too much


Calf Raises – 37 left leg, 40 right

– Not to failure, giving ankles a break

Shoulder mobility Drills

Pushups – 30; great form

Isometric chest squeeze for upper pec – 45 seconds max intensity

Hurdler Lunge – 30/side

Isometric Chest Squeeze for lower pec – 45 seconds mega intensity

Have a Great Day!


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