AC Joint Rehab – 11/14/17 – Tuesday

Start off with some neck mobility, then go straight into shoulder mobility consisting of large arm circles, then slow arm crossovers with a pause in the front and in the back. Shrugs with arms extended out to the sides x25. Tried following up with regular seated shrugs, but was really feeling it in my clavicle.

-Side delt raise with arms straight, no weight x30.

– Front delt raise with straight arms and no weight x30 – alternated grip from pronate-neutral-supinate then back to pronated grip, basically 10 reps for each hand position.

– rear delt raise with straight arms no weight x30 – bent forward at 90 degrees, pause at top of movement.

*Note that all of this was done seated.

2 min break

-seated back extensions x10; as much ROM as possible without feeling any significant stretching in my back

– seated gentle back stretch, touch the floor

– bicep curl purple band x20; ran the purple band under ball chair to shorten band

– clasp hands behind back and stretch

Have a Great Day!


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