Cubicle Prisoner Workout – 6/7/2017

Murph Wednesday or Weird Wednesday

After waking up yesterday early enough to get to work by 7:30, I couldn’t fall asleep until 10:15 last night. There was a fair amount of tossing and turning during the night too, so not a great night. Still managed to get up a few minutes before 7 and get back to my cell by 8:00 this morning. Mega dehydrated during the night too, drank about 82 ounces of water by the time I got up this morning. My back felt ok upon waking, but at some point before leaving work I tweaked it bending down to pick something up. I was careful as usual, but sometimes that doesn’t matter.

Walking Lunge – 20; not quite failure, but form got really sloppy after 17 or 18

Thought I could make it without coffee, but no. So I did my walking lunges on the way to get coffee, and my back feels markedly better. I really feel it in my quads and butt too. I mean they are so tight I think I need to do a stretching routine right now! In fact, I will. 45 seconds on glutes and 30 seconds on Quads.

I took my last Prime Male this morning, but I don’t know if I want to cycle off on Murph Wednesday, so I brought my old bottle of Halotropin for the day just in case.

Have a Great Day!


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