A Lot of Preps are Like Fire Insurance

You may never need them – you hope you’ll never need them – but you buy them anyway just in case; because the outcome if you should need them and don’t have them is just so bleak.

I just finished watching “end Day” on Netflix. It made me think not so much about teotwawki, but the preps I have in place “just in case”. Now that I have been working toward resilience for quite some time now, the initial overreaction has passed. Point in case, I am more prepared for a pandemic than I am for an extended job loss. Which do you suppose is more likely?

Having said that, I do realize that, even though the former is far less likely, it is easier to prepare for because there are so many “one and done” things you can do to prepare for them; and unlike the latter, once the former strikes it may be too late to do anything more than what you have already done to mitigate the risk.

Back to my point, I did realize there are some things which may be necessary that I have not yet added to my preps. Two come to mind immediately: two wind up time keeping devices (don’t think it really matters whether they are watches or clocks), and goggles to accompany my air filter masks. The first we need so that we can coordinate with our peeps (family members, tribe, band, whatever) and know that someone either is where they are supposed to be when they are supposed to be there, or they’re not. The second is because some bugs could get in if someone sneezes and we catch it in the face. In the movie, one of the scenarios was a pandemic, and the rescue workers were wearing the hazmat suits and had eye protection.  That’s when I asked myself “shouldn’t I have some eye protection as well as my filter masks”?

I wear glasses so I am going to get some prescription sports goggles to fit that bill.  I suppose my eye protection that I use with the table saw over my glasses would work, but that is so cumbersome and inefficient, and since I can get a pair of sports goggles for $30…

In another scenario a husband and wife are not together when news of a catastrophe hits, one is at home and she starts loading up the minivan with water, food, etc, and the husband is out and about with their kid.  I thought, “How will she know whether know whether to keep waiting or cut and run?  Do they have a rendezvous point?”  What if you do link up – or start out together – and then have to split up, how would we know when to worry, or bug out alone?

The wind up watches won’t really be necessary as long as there is electricity, since we can charge and use our phones. Even if we can no longer sync to a network so our time of day is accurate, we can still use the timer or stopwatch function (app) on our phones. The only two times I can think of where this would be undoable is an EMF or we are away from any way to recharge for a few days. Still, something to consider.

Fridge Rant Follow Up

It is 4/16, and I just ate a piece of the lunch meat I mentioned in my previous post, which was bought on 4/4. It has been in my lunch box with no ice packs or anything for 2 ½ hours, it is pretty much room temp. It smells ok and tastes ok, except for the fact that room temp lunch meat is weird even if it is fresh, lunch meat should either be hot from the stove or cold from the fridge, but whatever. I have put the remaining meat back into a mini fridge and will finish it later. I will resume this rant in a few hours to update my health status.

For full disclosure I should note that I am a God fearin, Jesus believin man, so it is possible that I may be kept from getting sick eating the crap that others might get sick eating. Just sayin…


Ok, it’s 1 ½ hours later and I’m still ok. I’m starving so I just ate another piece of meat. It smells ok, and no slimy or weird texture. It does taste a little old though, probably from being out of the fridge for so long earlier, but at least it was cold. I’m going to eat one more.


It has been 5 hours since I first ate the meat, and I am fine.  So to recap, I had this lunch meat opened in the fridge for 11 days not counting today, took it out of the fridge at 7:30 and ate some at 10:00 after having spent 2 ½ hours in my lunch box with no ice pack.  Throw away after 3-4 days indeed!  At some point in the future I am going to push the envelope a little more with various types of meats, both cooked and uncooked.  If it smells suspect then I’m not going to risk it, but if it looks and smells fine, I am going to go for it.  I don’t have the luxury of extra money, and the more realistic our information is on leftovers, the more resilient we can be.

Critical Thinking Skills

13 lines of reason that form a foundation for critical thinking.

1) Does it / will it affect me (us)?

a. If not, then who freaking cares? Why let it bother you?

2) Do not resist something that has no power.

a. If you do

i. you give it power – even if it is just marketing.

ii. You have given it more attention than it ever would have received if you’d ignored it

iii. You have essentially become its tool

b. Do not be misled

3) Does it increase the power of one person (or group) over another (involuntarily)?

4) Is it Constitutional?

5) Does it (will it) make people that agree on 90% of issues fight among themselves?

a. If so, the issue may exist solely for that purpose

b. see #1

6) Does it break a previous agreement?

7) What will it cost, and what is the ROI?

a. Who pays?

b. Who benefits – Cui bono?

8) Is my personal bias influencing my judgment on this?

9) What is the result – what are the consequences?

10) What happens if we do nothing or leave it alone?

11) Could it potentially lead to more government intrusion in the future, or intrusion into more areas?

12) Do I really need to have an opinion or get involved in this?

13) Make the opposing side’s argument for them.

a. Play devil’s advocate

b. what are their supporting arguments? Are they valid – do they make sense to me?

Fridge Knowledge – Take 1 – Meat


It is time to end the ridiculousness. Every time I try to ascertain via the internet whether the leftovers in my fridge are still good, I get the same BS. With the exception of a microscopic number of websites, pretty muchOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA all I can get is the party line from either the FDA or the USDA, and considering who these institutions (organizations?) actually are and the level of corruption and underhanded dealings they traffic in, I do not believe the recommendations.

It’s not just that I don’t believe them on principle, but I know for a fact based on repeated personal experience that the recommendations I am reading are hogwash. (I wanted to say horse sh1t, but didn’t want to be too vulgar).  So I am here to pass on what I have gleaned from my daring.  Let’s start with what got me on this rant in the first place…

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