Fridge Rant Follow Up

It is 4/16, and I just ate a piece of the lunch meat I mentioned in my previous post, which was bought on 4/4. It has been in my lunch box with no ice packs or anything for 2 ½ hours, it is pretty much room temp. It smells ok and tastes ok, except for the fact that room temp lunch meat is weird even if it is fresh, lunch meat should either be hot from the stove or cold from the fridge, but whatever. I have put the remaining meat back into a mini fridge and will finish it later. I will resume this rant in a few hours to update my health status.

For full disclosure I should note that I am a God fearin, Jesus believin man, so it is possible that I may be kept from getting sick eating the crap that others might get sick eating. Just sayin…


Ok, it’s 1 ½ hours later and I’m still ok. I’m starving so I just ate another piece of meat. It smells ok, and no slimy or weird texture. It does taste a little old though, probably from being out of the fridge for so long earlier, but at least it was cold. I’m going to eat one more.


It has been 5 hours since I first ate the meat, and I am fine.  So to recap, I had this lunch meat opened in the fridge for 11 days not counting today, took it out of the fridge at 7:30 and ate some at 10:00 after having spent 2 ½ hours in my lunch box with no ice pack.  Throw away after 3-4 days indeed!  At some point in the future I am going to push the envelope a little more with various types of meats, both cooked and uncooked.  If it smells suspect then I’m not going to risk it, but if it looks and smells fine, I am going to go for it.  I don’t have the luxury of extra money, and the more realistic our information is on leftovers, the more resilient we can be.

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