Here we Go

I just found out I can barely do one pull up.  Why is this a surprise for someone that hasn’t worked out in years, you ask?  Because there was a time when I could do 13, and I’ve always been able to just man up and do three regardless of the shape I was in.  Plus, I have been doing calisthenics for 2 weeks now, and can do 40 pushups in one minute.  Never the less, I remain undaunted.  The biggest challenge was figuring out how I would do pull ups at home on the cheap with limited space.  Allow me to introduce you to my brain child: the garage makeshift pull up bar.  I found a bar that would support my weight, and just laid it across the attic opening in my garage.  Voila!

I was going to use one of the bars from my closet that isn’t being used to hang clothes on, but then I remembered some metal poles I have in my backyard.  They are part of the frame for a car cover canopy type thing I have to cover my patio with each summer to block the sun from pounding on the wall of windows in my family room thereby making it unbearably hot.  The canopy has to be replaced each year, and the poles have to be replaced every other year because they rust together.  I hang on to some of them to build structures for my garden.

Now, without further ado, behold!

barattic2 attic1

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