Fridge Knowledge – Take 1 – Meat


It is time to end the ridiculousness. Every time I try to ascertain via the internet whether the leftovers in my fridge are still good, I get the same BS. With the exception of a microscopic number of websites, pretty muchOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA all I can get is the party line from either the FDA or the USDA, and considering who these institutions (organizations?) actually are and the level of corruption and underhanded dealings they traffic in, I do not believe the recommendations.

It’s not just that I don’t believe them on principle, but I know for a fact based on repeated personal experience that the recommendations I am reading are hogwash. (I wanted to say horse sh1t, but didn’t want to be too vulgar).  So I am here to pass on what I have gleaned from my daring.  Let’s start with what got me on this rant in the first place…

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