week OF 10/15/2018 training

Training Goals: 6 Pounds Of Muscle in 12 Months ( 10/01/2019); Eliminate Lower Back Pain; Stairs – ???

Current weight in Morning: ???; Only going to weigh on Monday each week;

Forgot to do it this week. Last Friday I weighed though and was 151 on an empty stomach

Arm Circumference: 14” left, 14.25” right

So last Friday after I got home from _____ I did a full on impressive plyometric workout, tons of explosive movements. I was watching the Michael Vazquez and Heba Ali videos while working out. Did explosive pushups, fancy pushups, airplane pushups; Jumps over the ottoman about 3 sets of 10, side jump over the ottoman 1 set of 10, jumped the length of our longest ottoman x2, scapular pullups2 x 10, chin-ups 2×10, 1 set focused on biceps, 1 set on lats, some weird shoulder exercise I saw Heba doing, Jump over Ottoman with 10 lbs x 5; probably more stuff I can’t remember.

10/15/2018 Monday

11:45 – Stairs 46.5 floors, 42.5 stairs took 24:27:30, took the first 8.5 up pretty slow, 2:49:12 because I wanted to pace myself and I was pretty stiff from Fridays Plyo-stuff

12:40 – Seated Scapular Dips x 75, feet on floor full ROM

Side Delt Raise Purple Band x 47, total failure on 48, pause at top of movement, some fast some slow, just mixing it up trying to get to failure faster

12:48 – Lunch: jalapeno cheddar braut, seaweed salad

7:00 – Finally leaving work. L

10/16/2018 Tuesday

Had my Body comp measured this morning at 9, 15.9% body fat with calipers, 17.6 with Omron, BI 23.3; 5’8” 153 lbs on Dr type scale; BP 148/78, pulse 66bpm, Chest 38.25, waist 30.5, hips 38, Thigh 21.5, calf 1.25, upper arm 12 (relaxed)

10:30 Neck Mobility, Shoulder Mobility, hip mobility

11:15 – Rear Delt Squeeze against chair x 75, tried to dig deep, succeeded on some

11:30 – Bird Dogs x 10/side, held at top for 8 seconds; I don’t feel this one working my back at all. My left elbow is suddenly hurting me again too. I did some research on Supermans before deciding on this which is why there is a 5 min gap in my training just now . I personally think the superman helps me more than hurts.

Superman x 20, I don’t do a very big range of motion and I focus on lifting my legs higher than I do my arms. My arms could go higher but I limit their ROM. I need to check my bold, I’m freaking starving. Blood Sugar 104, guess I’m good to go.


Pushups x 30, wide grip, don’t want to overstress elbow. A little winded, I feel like I could fall asleep right now. I have been really struggling getting up in the mornings, even after 8+ hours of sleep I feel like I need more. Wow, suddenly my chest is feeling pumped!

1 min rest

Knee Pushups x 40, wide grip, full ROM at top – focused on training for explosive pushups I’ll do later in the week I hope. Left shoulder feeling a little tender all of a sudden.

Bent over Hurdler Lunge x 13, losing balance on right leg forward, I really am fatigued.

Glute Flex x 20, I’m trying to dig deep, but it feels like I am going through the motions.

Chair dips x 50, short ROM, feet on floor, got kinda close to failure. Needed to have on a video I think. That’s just week sauce though, I used to be able to dig deeper than anything by sheer will, no music, not visuals, nothing.

Horizontal Purple Band triceps extensions x 33, failure, almost failed on 29 but dug down for more!

Maybe it’s a matter of feeling what the body will allow you to max on and focusing on those body parts/exercises. Maybe today is just an isolations day

Just tried some biceps with bands and my left elbow is saying Oh Hell No.

Toe Touches x 50, very rounded back, flex glutes before standing, arch back slightly and bring arms behind glutes for emphasis

Standing Donkey Kicks x 20/side

Chair Dips x 75, feet elevated, failure

Side Plank Dips x 5/side

My back just feels effed up today. Probably a combo of the stairs yesterday and all the effing sitting from last week and yesterday..

Lunch – sautéed cabbage and carrots with braut

10/17/2018 Wednesday

9:00 – Up/down dog x 12 as a warm up

Kneeling Pushups x 20, great form, I am roasting, need to take off my base layer I guess

Back is sooo stiff.

9:20 – Flat Footed Squat x 2 min

Stretch Flexors

The last couple of days I have been so crazy sleepy. I can barely stay awake right now. The puppy slept in my daughter’s room for most of the night and I slept hard. I was asleep before 10, and slept until about 7:10. I was falling asleep at red lights on my way home from work yesterday. I have a Dr appointment to get my labs done today.

10:22 – Pushups x 30, exaggerated ROM at top, kinda fast reps, medium hands and elbow position

12:20 – Hurdler Lunge x 25/side, felt really good. I remained upright this time (no bending at the hips) and had my trailing foot very far back, I focused on keeping my glutes flexed, moving torso forward more than dropping down, and rocking back onto my heal when returning to start position.

Pushups x 20, same as above but faster reps

I’m watching some motivational crossfit vids before doing my next exercise, and it is just hammering home the importance of environment. I want to push till I puke like these guys, but I have to be someplace else to do it. I can’t push like that in my cube. This is trueism across all facets of life. Change your environment to change your reality.

10/18/2018 Thursday

It looks (and feels) like I broke my left middle finger last night. I wasn’t quite sure when I went to bed last night, but it seems pretty likely now. I have it taped to my ring finger for now. It seems like the break is right in the joint, so I don’t know if I should go to the doctor or not. My concern is permanent loss of full mobility because of the location. IDK, we’ll see.

2:45 – Stairs x 6 floors

working my ass off as usual, need to get my Journal entries done. I spent the morning researching the break in my finger until a was satisfied that it probably isn’t a broken joint and that I don’t need an x-ray. More freaking Business License requests dropped in on me, no rest for the weary.

The backpacking trip is next week, so I need to be prepared. I’ll do another push on the tower stairs tomorrow, I think I’ll shoot for 53 floors.

10/19/2018 Friday

9:35 – Seated Hamstring stretch x 30 sec/side

Iso-Chest Squeeze x 30 sec, elbows together below nipples, as intense as I possibly could, almost got to cramp

Not sure what all I’m going to be able to do to keep building muscle. Seems like I keep having freak injury setbacks every time I start really making progress. Last year the sepersaed shoulder, then the unbelievable bak pain, the year before that was the left rotator cuff…geez! I have been neglecting my flexibility so this is a good opportuntiy to get back in that habit.

12:10 – Hurlder Lunge x 25/side, limited ROM (wearing jeans, can only bend so far). Need to keep toes pointed forward in order to keep focus on Glute Maximus, also rocking back/pushing through front heel and consciously flexing the glute helps. May try putting 2×4 under toes next time.

Squats x 20, butt to chair, drive through heels fast reps.

Biceps Flex x 50; intense squeeze, no cramping though

Triceps Flex x 60 seconds; good squeeze, almost cramped a couple of times after 40sec of really focusing

Biceps Flex x 30 sec; Hard to keep the intensity but changing arm position helps.

Triceps Flex x 30 seconds; Getting close, good intensity, it helps to flex back muscles while doing triceps

I’m lamenting not knowing how I will worout, how could I forget my Flexing experiment? This brokwn finger is probably a blessing in disguise because I was starting to stray back toward the more traditional training.

4:15 – Donkey Kickbacks, Standing x 25/side

Have a Great Day!


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