Training for Week of 10/08/2018

Training Goals: 6 Pounds Of Muscle in 12 Months ( 10/01/2019); Eliminate Lower Back Pain; Stairs – ???

Current weight in Morning: ???; Only going to weigh on Monday each week;

Forgot to do it this week, work is sucking big time.

Arm Circumference: 14” left, 14.25” right

10/09/2018 Tuesday

9:40 – Seated Biceps Curl Purple Band x 25; slower pace, great form, good intensity, didn’t use the handles, held the bands themselves with them running along outside (pinky side) of hand, really great pump, challenging at the end.

10:20 – Went to workout facility

Experimented with the twisting lat pulldown, 70 lbs x 6/per side – just to see, someone was with a trainer using it too

Roman chair back extensions x 5 warmup, x15; legs bent

Vertical Leaps onto tallest platform x 3

Preacher curl 15 lbs x 25, perfect form, slow up on reps 20-25 and super slow down; reached definite failure

Gymnast Abs x 8

Stairs 8.5 floors x 2 for time, 1st set 1:43:34, every other step, 2nd set 2:21:14 every step, +2 floors to get back to my cell; 10:30 total time

20 minute rest

Seated Biceps Curl Purple Band x 25, regular speed, good form, great intensity, definite failure

Time for a shot of BCAA

12:00 – Bent over Hurdler Lunge x 25/side, focus on central Glute Maximus

Seated Biceps Curl black band x 8, couldn’t do full RIOM on most reps, but got as close as I could and failed on rep 8, had to really dig deep to get as much ROM as I did.

Air Squats x 20, great form, feet shoulder width, butt to heels, didn’t allow knees to flair out (tried to minimize abductor involvement),

12:20 – Lunch Time! Pastured hamburger patty, raw (uugh) broccoli, purple cabbage, purple onion, bone broth.


I didn’t get to sleep until midnight last night, full on family drama. I’ll accept 50% of the responsibilty, but I honestly think that may be a little high. Oh well, all is fine now. I’m really lousy at passing the sack test. I need to be more disciplined, but I’m working on it.

8:45 – Chair Dips x 60, tiny range of motion again. Usually I do these with my arms locked against my body, but I moved them away from my body for the last 15 or so.

Knee Pushups x 20, elbows close, really felt the burn in my triceps. Forearms started to get that numb feeling like the blood was cut off

It is now 10:43 and my Triceps feel pumped big time. I did some triceps flex a few minutes ago, but they already felt swole before I did them. My biceps feel really pumped from yesterday too. No Lactic acid soreness though. Also my glute maximus feel fairly tight at the very top just below my back. That’s a good thing, I haven’t been having any success targeting that area. I wonder which of the glute exercises yesterday contributed to this the most?

12:00 – Pushups x 42, med elbow, exagerated top of ROM (really working intercostals, prepping for plyopushups), almost fail, maybe had 45 reps in me, but I’m in my cube breathing like a bear after a chase. I got to 42 by just reminding myself that I don’t care if people hear me, doing anything worried about what other people think is a crappy way to live.

Horizontal Triceps Extensions Black Bands x 15, did purple first for 8 reps to warm up, maybe should have tried to et 18 reps but I was getting full range of motion

1 min rest

Pushups x 25, wide grip, not fail but super challenging, form started to get sloppy, shoulders felt like they might give

Horizontal Triceps Extensions x 20, Black band for 1st 10 then purple for 2nd, definite failure, I can barely type my hands are shaking so bad. I can definitley be proud of this 12:00 round.

1 min rest

Superman x 15, last 5 legs only

Up Dog Pushups x 71, wide grip, try not to allow back or glutes to assist at all, total failure on #72

Now for some BCAA!

10/11/2018 Thursday

Arms feel good and pumped! Feel some lactic acid build up in my chest. I feel like I want to work both of these areas again, they don’t feel like they can’t handle it, but I also know at my age recovery takes longer and I don’t want to be in an overtrained state and get no results.

10:45 – Bent Over Hurdler Lunge x 25/side

I’m really not to focused on my training today because I really need to take tomorrow off and the deadline is looming. Everything over the last two days has not been working smoothly, so I am really staying in my chair too much trying to finish. I think maybe I’ll watch a Michael Vazquez video for some inspiration.

10:55 – seated Scapular Dips x 75, feet elevated, strict form until # 70, near failure. The video helped

Seated Bows x 15, son’t want to frag my back before tomorrow morning.

Stiff Leg Deadlifts x 50, very good form. The approach is to move my hips back as far as possible focusing on keeping my shoulders in the same plane going up and down, like they are on a smith machine. Don’t lean forward, don’t let my shoulders go out beyond my toes. Don’t let me shoulders mover forward and back.

I was about to do shoudlers with one of the bands, but then remembered that I want to experiment with taking in protien before my workouts to see if it really does help build muscle more than taking it after workouts. Since it is “Tailgate Party” day at work, they will be feeding us and it is going to start soon so I don’t want to take any protien powder right now.

12:55 Hmmm, I didn’t think that through. I wasn’t thinking that whenever the company feeds us I eat about 3 days worth of food. Now I’m too stuffed to workout. My bak is really starting to ache again too. It is, no doubt in my mind, because I have been marathon sitting trying to meet this stupid f*ing deadline. Too much work!

1:55 – Side Delt Raises Purple Band x 47, total and complete falure on rep 48, really tried to get it too. Held it for seconds trying to power through

Power Walk 2 laps around the floor

2:22 – Rear Elbow Squeeze x 50

Seated Air Shrugs x 50

Have an Interview tomorrow with a different company

Have a Great Day!


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