Week of 10/01/2018 Training

Training Goals: 6 Pounds Of Muscle in 12 Months ( 10/01/2019); Eliminate Lower Back Pain; Stairs – ???

Current weight in Morning: 151; Only going to weigh on Monday each week;

Did nothing on 10/1; some very light stretching and that is it. The exhaustion was overwhelming, and the boss was in a foul mood.

10/02/2018 Tuesday

9:00 – Shoulder circles x 30 ea direction

Side Delt raise x 15 purple; just feeling things out and getting the blood pumping

11:30 – Side Delt raise x 60 purple; fast, failure

Work just f*ing sucks this morning. I have been dealing with the State of PA all morning over a $50 fee they say we owe. Hell week has started and I haven’t been able to do my returns at all today. I f*ing hate this.

11:45 – Stairs 8.5 floors, pushups x 40 at top, then down + 2 more floors; leisure up the stairs, coming down I had slight pain in left ankle; the pushups winded me big time, 40 was weak but not fail. Left shoulder had slight pain, moved hands from narrow to medium and that helped

I feel trapped. I mean like I am really trapped, like I’m here to stay. It is so depressing, such a boring freaking job. I’m working on my resume and putting feelers out there, but even that is uugh. I’m so over the BS, “I’m a motivated self-starter with the skill set to thrive in an ever changing/multi-faceted/fast paced/;whatever environment…” Does anyone even read that shit anymore? It’s as if it has become part of the protocol, like shaking hands when you meet someone.

12:20 – Seated Scapular Dips x 50, first 15 feet on floor, last 35 feet up, close to fail;

12:30 – Pushups x 30, fast, good form, breathing heavy so I stopped because I was embarrassed that others could here me.

Scapular Pushups x 25, coulda done 30 no doubt, hands right under shoulders, really feel it in my front delt/upper pec

Chair Dips x 25, tiny range of motion, feet on floor; not wearing my elbow brace


I have a funeral to go to today at 11:00, and since we are in quarter end I’ll be working more than I did last month. My deadline is the 15th.

8:25 – Knee Push Ups x 50, strict form, elbows medium, hands in line with nipples, extended shoulders/scapula to work intercostals. May have been to failure, didn’t try rep 51, 50 was sloppy at top.

It’s 5 minutes later and my chest and shoulders feel super pumped and kinda week, like I just did a full workout.

8:45 – Superman Swims x 10

Supermans, leg only x 20

9:25 – pushups x 33 medium elbows, moderately fast pace, failure sort of, I lost focused and collapsed coming down after rep 33

Side Delt Raise Purple bands x 50, nonstop reps, first 30 were pretty fast, reached failure

10/05/2018 Friday

10:30 – Seated Scapular Dips x 25, just a little warmup, boss came to my coworker’s cube

10:40 – Scapular Dips circles x 5 forward and 5 back; Not sure what else to call these

10:50 –Side Plank Rotations x 10/side, fell over backward a couple of time balancing on right arm, think it was my feet didn’t have enough room under my desk on that side.

11:15 – Gymnast Abs x 15, it was kinda tough, I’m sure I couldn’t have done 25, and maybe not even 20; left wrist started complaining

Windshield wipers x 10, immediately into stretch to the left (stretching right side) for at least 1 min, then to the right for 30 sec or so, immediately into more windshield wipers x 25,

Wall jumps x 3

all of these were outside.

Seated Biceps Curl Black Band x 22, lower back aching bad, not good form really, trying not to arch back.

Note: back has been bothering me all day.

Have a Great Day!

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