Week of 9/24/2018 Training


8:45 – Triceps Flex x 30, not very intense, did hold for a few seconds at the end of each rep trying to get a little deeper; placed hands on chair behind glutes to make it easier to focus on the squeeze

Air Squats x 10, feet hip width apart, felt good, great form

I am so sleepy and tired right now. I think it may have to do with this place, it’s just depressing being here. I did help some guys repair a friends ceiling on Saturday

11:00 – Stairs x 27.5 floors (3 sets of 8.5), skipped every other one, sweating worse than I was last week when I did 5 sets; didn’t time first set because I was hand delivering something to the 7th floor, and spent about 8-9 minutes chatting before starting back up. The remaining two sets of stairs were 1:58 and 2:01

On my way to the tower I went into the gym and did some box jumps. I did the 2nd lowest x 3, the 2nd tallest x 2, and the tallest x 1. Felt it in my back on that last one, but it’s all good. I can jump again. I think the windshield wiper exercise and stretch is making a difference. Maybe it’s the superman; maybe it’s both.

12:30 – superman 3 x 20 sec/side, push heal against bottom of desk, raise arm as high as possible

Windshield wipers x 20, very bent lags (doing them in my cube), these aren’t even a challenge anymore, right lat under shoulder blade (along ribs near middle of back) kept cramping when going to left side.

Side Delt raises Purple band x 58; total failure on 58; reps 25 on I did as fast as I could

12:55 – Windshield Wipers x 20, straight leg, a bit challenging but coulda done 25 I’m sure. I was in the tax library with the door shut and didn’t want to risk getting busted.

1:00 – Lunch, bone broth with cauli-rice and brisket and hot sauce

2:15 – Wall Jumps Sideways x 2; Sprints x 2, not sure about distance or time, I think it’s about 40 yards. Back is feeling good so I wanted to see if I could actually sprint. It’s been a long time since my back would let me

Lying Chair position Flat Back (for abs) x 20 seconds;

Windshield Wiper Stretch 90 degree legs x 30 seconds per side


9:10 – Abductor Stretch x 30 sec/side

Seated Toe touch opposite sides x 25, sat up straight each time

Hip Flexor Stretch x 30 sec, twisting torso

10:25 – Bird Dogs X 10/side SUPERSET W/ Supermans x 10

10:30 – In the Gym

Windshield wipers x 30, stretch x 30 Sec/side

Pull ups x 0, gave it hell though,

explosive pushups 3 x 6

hanging pull up bar transitions(?), moving back and forth between the two different pullup bars, (think American Ninja)

seated cable row x 30, 60 lbs

fingertip hangs (didn’t time myself, just till it hurt too bad to take)

jumps on 2nd tallest x 5

11:40 – Rear Delt Press into back of chair x 50, good squeeze

Side Delt Raise Black Band x 17, total failure on 18, held as long as I could without injury

11:45 – Biceps curl Purple band x 40, crazy burn, sweating hard, close to fail, low blood sugar I think

3:40 – Wall Hurdles x 16, twisted my ankle.

Biceps curl Purple band x 50, crazy burn, sweating hard, close to fail; back is starting to flair up.

9/26/2018 Wednesday

8:45 – Knee Pushups x 61, hands close (shoulder width), great form and focus, total failure on 62, couldn’t even come back up an inch. Almost hat failure at 55 and again at 60 but I took a couple of deep breaths and dug deeeep.

Ankle still hurt, did not like getting down to the floor for my pushups.

9:05 – Supermans x 25, tried not to raise torso too much to avoid possible compression, #14-20 were legs only. This definitely works glutes more.

Seated Wall Posture arm raises (to improve posture, not sure what to call these) x 20, need to remember to keep lower back pressed against the wall

Stiff Leg Dead Lifts x 30

9:20 – Standing back extensions x 25

3:30 – stairs x 10 floors

9/27/2018 Thursday

Started out with the best of intentions to watch a motivational video and then start the prison cube workout early. It is now 9:55, the boss is bitching because the company I’m calling to get answers about taxes on invoices wouldn’t answer their phones at the end of the day yesterday, so I went home after being at work for 9 hours. Apparently I am undependable and she’ll just have to do everything herself. The best part is, one of my coworkers is such a basket case that my boss can’t give her any random shit to do for the audit because it won’t get done and she gets stressed to the point of tears. So my coworker is in good standing with the boss because she hasn’t failed the boss on any audit tasks given to her.

9:55 – Scapular Pushups x 25, harder than I thought it would be, really started to burn front delts, probably could done 10 more

Boss just walked by and saw me stretching my front delts … it’s tough being a disappointment.

11:40 – Side Delt Raise Purple Band x 20, I thought I heard the boss coming. Sometimes it doesn’t matter, days like today it matters. Why be consistent, right? Nothing like being at the whim of someone else’s moods. I’m taking a half day today and taking tomorrow off. Later!!

Every Single Second Matters, Pay attention to them. They grow and multiply, and in them you are either moving forward or sliding backward.

Have a Great Day!


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