Moved To A New Facility

Week of 4/29/2019

This one is supposed to be a minimum security facility once you make it past the 90 probation period. This place is an open office space design, so there is far less privacy. I sit at what is basically a long table in the middle of a large, open space with 7 other people, 4 per side. Thankfully before I got here they put frosted glass between each of the stations. You can still see the person sitting directly in front of you from the nose up, and the people next to you are in full view. The president of the company sits behind me diagonally to the left in a glass office.

This means that the cubicle workouts I was doing are no longer an option. That’s a drag, but it does force me to refocus on the original intent when I came up with the cubicle prison workout: to figure out a way to stay active and improve fitness levels despite being shackled to the grind. There are “phone rooms” where we can go for privacy when we need to make a phone call, so I have been going in there to do quick sets, but nothing challenging or extreme. I also still do my mobility drills seated at my desk. I’m still learning the job, and learning the routine and personalities, so I’m not comfortable enough to really start pushing myself workout-wise yet, plus I’ve allowed myself to slack off so I am having trouble pushing myself mentally. Since it is an open space it’s risky watching any motivating workout videos.

This seems to be a much more laid back environment, definitely more dynamic and upbeat. This isn’t a publicly traded company (although it is owned by a Canadian company that is publicly traded), and they seem to be more employee friendly. The free coffee is pretty decent too. There are far fewer obese people, and fewer merely overweight people. And the people that are overweight aren’t nearly as overweight as they were at the last place.

4/29/2019 Monday

This is my 4th week on the job. Today is the first day I feel like I am able to start refocusing on mobility. I started doing some mobility drills sporadically last week, so far today I am on track. I have done shoulder and neck mobility, some scapular dips, and I am drinking my pre-workout now. Last week I found some unoccupied offices on the second floor and started gong there on my lunch break to do some serious stretching. I did it Wednesday through Friday, and I plan to continue it today. I am going to have to figure out how to get better exercise, but for now I will keep doing the short cubicle prison workouts in the phone rooms. Maybe I can get in the habit of stretching at home so I can workout on my lunch breaks before eating.

12:00 – Pre-workout Drink

12:35 – Pushups x 40; excellent form, narrow hands, damn near failure. Maybe had 2 more in me. Seriously sucking wind.

I don’t recall if I mentioned this or not, but last weekend (10 days ago) I jacked up my shoulder(?) somehow. I woke up with a pain that was the same type of pain I had when I tore my rotator cuff. This pain was either in the tendon that connects my right pec to my humerus, or the tendon that connects my bicep to the humerus, or something in the crease between my front and medial delt. That is the main reason I have done almost nothing with my upper body this past week. But I actually haven’t done hardly anything for basically 3 weeks, and look how much it has affected my progress. I’m sure I couldn’t have done 45 pushups today.

12:55 – I’m about to do some more pushups, probably not narrow though, and I am noticing that I really feel a pump in my biceps. Weird.

  • Pushups x 31; wide grip, not fail but challenging, I had to stop for 2 reasons: 1 I just couldn’t catch my breath, I started to feel a tiny bit light headed; 2 I couldn’t focus hard enough to dig deeper.

I say it’s lunch time.

4/30/2019 Tuesday

10:30 – Isometric Chair x 40 seconds; basically hold the bottom squat position just past 90°.

  • Third world squat about 2 minutes

11:30 – Squats x 40; Medium stance, not failure, definitely winded me.

No preworkout today.

12:00 – Hamstring stretching, 1 leg at a time. About 5 minutes per leg.

About 3:00 my back/hip area just started screaming in pain from sitting. I went outside and took about a 15 minute walk, and helped immensely.

5/02/2019 Thursday

Didn’t do much of anything yesterday, I was dead tired. I took a nap in my car at lunch. On the drive home I drove with my head pressed firmly into the headrest with my back barely touching the seat.

10:40 – Preworkout; NOX, BCAA, bHIP Red, whey protein, ACV

10:50 – Superman x 15

  • Yoga Pushups x 75; wide hands
  • Hurdlers lunge x 15/side; I decided that there are 2 ways to do this. The way I was doing it at my last prison facility I will henceforth call a hurdler’s deadlift. This entails bending forward at the waste over my front leg, whereas the hurdler’s lunge doesn’t. I will remain upright.
  • Sphynx Triceps Pushups x 20; narrow hands, elbows at 90° (directly below shoulders) so not a big ROM
  • Chair Dips x 20; feet on floor, very short ROM

The entire “circuit” only took 5 minutes, and the last minute of it was at my desk so only 4 minutes away from my desk.

11:05 – Neck Mobility Drills; another 4 minutes.

  • Chair Dips x 25, <1 minute

Have a Great Day!


Have a Great Day!



What am I willing to suffer for? What Am I willing to give up for it? In order to achieve a goal, we must not only focus on it, but we must trade something for it. Think of achievement as a barter system.

I have a very deep sense (awareness) that I am not doing anything significant or meaningful with my life. What I do doesn’t matter. I’m not making a difference, I’m not improving people’s lives, I’m not making the world a better place, I’m not building anything. I’m not fulfilled. I’m just making money so I can pay the bills.

I’m willing to do today what others aren’t, so I can do tomorrow what others can’t.

Today is my last day at this facility. I am transferring to another cubicle prison. I turned in my notice at the beginning of the month and gave them a full cycle. I consider this move a necessary one in that it is breaking out of my comfort zone, I have been incarcerated at this facility for 15 years. I will not only be leaving a place that I have grown very accustomed to, but will be doing a job I have never done before. I think this is necessary because I need to get used to the feeling of taking risks, of stepping out into the unknown. I can’t look back on my life and wonder if I settled, if I could have (or should have) done more, if I didn’t take enough risks, if I was afraid of trying, etc… I can’t call myself a risk taker but never take any risks. Change can lead to growth, growth leads to fulfillment, fulfillment creates happiness.



Prison Cubicle Workouts Week of 3/21/2019

3/20/2019 Wednesday

Did nothing really to speak of the first two days of this week. I had a terrible crick in my neck Monday, and was still feeling it some yesterday. I wanted to make sure that I didn’t have any issues in my shoulder girdle after last week’s 1 RM attempt.

I have been taking B:hIP Red since last Thursday not including the weekend. I think it’s decent. It’s hard to tell if supplements are actually doing any good or not since they don’t really make you feel any different unless they are a workout specific type supplement like Taurine or Creatine. I also got some more BulletProof Collagen Protein which I’ve been adding to my coffee this week.

10:15 – NOS Blast Preworkout

10:20 – Pushups x 34; hands low on body right at bottom of rib cage; total fail on 34, made it about ½ way up. I was really pushing too. I have a sports message therapy appointment at 11:30.

10:35 – Just tried to do a planche, not even a planche pushup, …just embarrassing.

– Flat Foot (Paleo?) Squat x 5 minutes; yeah baby, 5 minutes. I think I had really good form too. Still difficult to straighten back out when I stand up, but being in the pose felt good.

3/21/2019 Thursday

11:50 – Preworkout

11:55 – Air squats x 50, 10, 20, 20, 20, 1min rest in between; great form, butt to heel, shoulder width, good glute focus

Have a Great Day!


Interesting Life Hack

The Following Is A Guest Post by a Super Cool Dude. – Lubimûr

Coffee Nap (3)

I mostly skimmed the article as I was trying to get multiple things done during my 15 minute break, so I haven’t figured out how much coffee (or more specifically, caffeine) one would need to get the most benefit from this, but it sounds like a cup or an espresso followed immediately by a 15-20 minute nap would suffice. As a point of reference, 8 oz. (237 mL) of coffee has about 95-165 mg of caffeine, a Starbucks Pike Place roast has about 310 mg in the Grande, 235 mg in the tall, and about 385 mg in the venti, in case you decide to use an alternative caffeine source.

One of the highlights I want to add here in case the article disappears forever is that in the brain caffeine fits into receptors that are normally filled by a similarly shaped molecule called adenosine. Adenosine is a byproduct of brain activity, and when your brain produces (generates?) enough of it to fill a large number of the receptors, you start feeling tired. However if caffeine is already plugged in to those receptors it prevents the adenosine from filling them thereby staving off tiredness. So caffeine and adenosine are in competition for those receptors in the brain. Coffee 101, right?

Sleeping naturally clears the adenosine out of the receptors, and it takes coffee (caffeine) about 20 minutes to get processed through the digestive tract and circulating in the blood stream. So all of the receptors cleared out by the 20 minute nap are now available to the caffeine just as it is hitting the system. Of course if you take more than a 20 minute nap you will then have to deal with “sleep inertia” which will diminish the results of what we are after. Even just reaching a tranquil half-asleep stage can be helpful. (1) (2)

Live Life!





Finding My 1 Rep Max

I Should have sent this out last Friday.

Last week was one crazy week. Of course hell week started back up. I also heard from the company I had been interviewing with, they made an offer and accepted it. Had to draft my resignation letter, take home all non-essentials from my cube in case I was asked to leave immediately after turning it in. then had to work out what I was going to say when I turned in my letter. I had to do all of this while grinding away at my deadlines. My girlfriend (yes I have one of those, finally after being single for over 6 years. Too picky perhaps…?) of 2 ½ months has been acting insecure about our relationship so I’ve been addressing that. She is moving way faster emotionally than I am, and while I have no doubt I will get there too, we aren’t teenagers so the practicality and logistics of relationships has to be balanced with the stage of life we find ourselves in now. I turned in my resignation letter and it went very well. I bought my 15 year old her first car, almost an entire day’s event since I am what you would call broke as hell and all I had to spend was what I got back on my tax return. We won’t talk about the BS of why her mom can’t contribute at all. On second though here’s a brief synopsis: In her mind letting me claim my daughter that lives with me full time and I carry the insurance on was her “monetary” contribution, despite the agreement that we would both fill out our returns claiming her and not claiming her, see how we got back the most money, and then combine everything we got back. The ex decided that since I claimed her, anything she gets back is hers and not for the car fund.

Last Monday the manager of the workout facility downstairs asked me if I would mind participating in a research study that one of her interns is doing with measuring a relationship between wingspan and bench press on rep max. Of course I said yes, and last Wednesday I did the first part of the study which involved finding my 1RM with a very wide grip. The hand placement was determined by the measurement of my wingspan.

I was rather pleased that I was able to hit 195, all things considered. The best I’ve ever done on the 1RM was 220, and that was back in my 20s when I was weight training regularly. I also haven’t been training with weights since back in … what, August or October? I can’t remember, I’d have to look. Plus I’m 52. So like I said, rather pleased all things considered.

I am going in for round 2 this Wednesday, and I’m curious to see how it goes. My hands won’t be quite as wide as last time, but still wider than normal. So with that in mind, today I’ll do light training, sort of like an active recovery type day. Make sure my form is good, get the muscles active but not stressed, do some antagonist muscle work, again low intensity.

Tomorrow I will do Moderate intensity, I’m thinking a few reps of 50% effort. Maybe 5 sets of 25 pushups throughout the day, a couple of isometric side delt raises, and maybe 1 – 2 sets of dumbbell military press for 10 reps each when I get home. I think I should do some trap work as well.

Wednesday I’ll try to get up earlier because my test will be at 11:30, and I read that you shouldn’t do 1RM tests for bench during the first 4 hours after waking because the spine may still be releasing fluid buildup from the night, and this could cause an injury. Before the test I’ll do some joint mobility drills for neck, shoulders and wrists.

3/11/2019 Monday

10:30 – Knee pushups x 20; med hand width; right shoulder catching a little bit causing a sharp twinge of pain. Not too bad, but something to keep an eye on.

– Scapular Squeeze against Chair Back x 30; mild intensity, arms at 60 degrees from body.

– Neck Mobility Drills

– NOX and BCAA; forgot about these but still need to take the to get my muscles loaded back up

11:25 – Yoga Pushups x 30; After that I think I need to add some trap work to tomorrow

– Shrugs x 50 (No weight obviously)

11:50 – Stairs x 2 floors;

– Elevated Pushups x 10; med hands; feet on second step; at bottom of 3rd time coming down stairs;

– Air Squats x 20; excellent form, medium stance; no rest from pushups; focused on glutes, screwing feet into floor; I was really winded

– Air squats x 10; narrow stance, just at 90 degree bend in knees; at top of 3rd time coming up stairs

– Biceps Iso-Flex x 50; not an intense squeeze, just enough to feel really good

1:05 – Stiff Leg Deadlifts x 50; it seems that if I squeeze my scapula during the movement it provides relief (stability?) for my lower back.

– Lunch: slice of Chicago deep dish, don’t judge me! It’s leftovers, I cannot waste leftovers!

3/12/2019 Tuesday

8:30 – Reverse Lunges x 10; non-alternating

10:00 – Seated Scapular Dips x 25;

– Pushups x 25; Narrow hands; focus on extending arms to the max;


10:50 – Pushups x 25; wide grip, exaggerated ROM; Pretty fast reps, thinking explosive movement;

12:30 – Pushups x 25; wider hands, butt in the air,

– Calf Raises x 30; single leg, elevated

3:15 – Straight Arm Plank x 90 seconds; wide hands

3/13/2019 Wednesday

Didn’t do any trap work last night as intended. For dinner I had smoked brisket, shredded carrots and yellow squash. Used very little lard, no real reason other than experimenting with some different cooking techniques. Took 2 Prime Male before bed in addition to my usual morning dose.

I’ve been trying to get fully hydrated, so far this morning I’ve had at least 25 ounces of water, probably 30 or even more but I know with 100% certainty I’ve had at least 25 oz.

9:00 – Knee Pushups x 25; knees were on my chair, wide grip focused on correct motion for bench press

– Shoulder Shrugs x 55; no weight, seated, 25 looking straight ahead, 15 looking up, 015 looking down

10:25 – Stairs x 3 sets of 2 floors ea.

– Neck Mobility Drills

11:10 – NOS + BCAA + Protein Powder + ACV and a little coffee with sweetened creamer, my blood sugar read 77. As of now I have consumed at least 50 oz. of water.

– Mobility Drills: wrist, elbow, shoulder

Well it looks like my 1 RM is 195. Tried 205, couldn’t get it off of my chest, backed down to 200, same story. I think my breathing and technique were off too. I know last time I sort of lifted my head off the bench when pushed, but this time it feels like I was pressing it into the bench. My neck feels a little fatigued. I feel good though, I do love the pump! Muscles swollen, flushed with blood; heart beating strong. I’m not going to do anything else with my upper body today, unless I do some arm flexing. With my neck feeling stiff after that, I am having flashbacks to when I separated my shoulder. Interesting side note, my lower back isn’t as stiff and sore as it was before I performed the test…

Feels like lunch time.

This Is Going To Be A Great Week!