What am I willing to suffer for? What Am I willing to give up for it? In order to achieve a goal, we must not only focus on it, but we must trade something for it. Think of achievement as a barter system.

I have a very deep sense (awareness) that I am not doing anything significant or meaningful with my life. What I do doesn’t matter. I’m not making a difference, I’m not improving people’s lives, I’m not making the world a better place, I’m not building anything. I’m not fulfilled. I’m just making money so I can pay the bills.

I’m willing to do today what others aren’t, so I can do tomorrow what others can’t.

Today is my last day at this facility. I am transferring to another cubicle prison. I turned in my notice at the beginning of the month and gave them a full cycle. I consider this move a necessary one in that it is breaking out of my comfort zone, I have been incarcerated at this facility for 15 years. I will not only be leaving a place that I have grown very accustomed to, but will be doing a job I have never done before. I think this is necessary because I need to get used to the feeling of taking risks, of stepping out into the unknown. I can’t look back on my life and wonder if I settled, if I could have (or should have) done more, if I didn’t take enough risks, if I was afraid of trying, etc… I can’t call myself a risk taker but never take any risks. Change can lead to growth, growth leads to fulfillment, fulfillment creates happiness.



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