Moved To A New Facility

Week of 4/29/2019

This one is supposed to be a minimum security facility once you make it past the 90 probation period. This place is an open office space design, so there is far less privacy. I sit at what is basically a long table in the middle of a large, open space with 7 other people, 4 per side. Thankfully before I got here they put frosted glass between each of the stations. You can still see the person sitting directly in front of you from the nose up, and the people next to you are in full view. The president of the company sits behind me diagonally to the left in a glass office.

This means that the cubicle workouts I was doing are no longer an option. That’s a drag, but it does force me to refocus on the original intent when I came up with the cubicle prison workout: to figure out a way to stay active and improve fitness levels despite being shackled to the grind. There are “phone rooms” where we can go for privacy when we need to make a phone call, so I have been going in there to do quick sets, but nothing challenging or extreme. I also still do my mobility drills seated at my desk. I’m still learning the job, and learning the routine and personalities, so I’m not comfortable enough to really start pushing myself workout-wise yet, plus I’ve allowed myself to slack off so I am having trouble pushing myself mentally. Since it is an open space it’s risky watching any motivating workout videos.

This seems to be a much more laid back environment, definitely more dynamic and upbeat. This isn’t a publicly traded company (although it is owned by a Canadian company that is publicly traded), and they seem to be more employee friendly. The free coffee is pretty decent too. There are far fewer obese people, and fewer merely overweight people. And the people that are overweight aren’t nearly as overweight as they were at the last place.

4/29/2019 Monday

This is my 4th week on the job. Today is the first day I feel like I am able to start refocusing on mobility. I started doing some mobility drills sporadically last week, so far today I am on track. I have done shoulder and neck mobility, some scapular dips, and I am drinking my pre-workout now. Last week I found some unoccupied offices on the second floor and started gong there on my lunch break to do some serious stretching. I did it Wednesday through Friday, and I plan to continue it today. I am going to have to figure out how to get better exercise, but for now I will keep doing the short cubicle prison workouts in the phone rooms. Maybe I can get in the habit of stretching at home so I can workout on my lunch breaks before eating.

12:00 – Pre-workout Drink

12:35 – Pushups x 40; excellent form, narrow hands, damn near failure. Maybe had 2 more in me. Seriously sucking wind.

I don’t recall if I mentioned this or not, but last weekend (10 days ago) I jacked up my shoulder(?) somehow. I woke up with a pain that was the same type of pain I had when I tore my rotator cuff. This pain was either in the tendon that connects my right pec to my humerus, or the tendon that connects my bicep to the humerus, or something in the crease between my front and medial delt. That is the main reason I have done almost nothing with my upper body this past week. But I actually haven’t done hardly anything for basically 3 weeks, and look how much it has affected my progress. I’m sure I couldn’t have done 45 pushups today.

12:55 – I’m about to do some more pushups, probably not narrow though, and I am noticing that I really feel a pump in my biceps. Weird.

  • Pushups x 31; wide grip, not fail but challenging, I had to stop for 2 reasons: 1 I just couldn’t catch my breath, I started to feel a tiny bit light headed; 2 I couldn’t focus hard enough to dig deeper.

I say it’s lunch time.

4/30/2019 Tuesday

10:30 – Isometric Chair x 40 seconds; basically hold the bottom squat position just past 90°.

  • Third world squat about 2 minutes

11:30 – Squats x 40; Medium stance, not failure, definitely winded me.

No preworkout today.

12:00 – Hamstring stretching, 1 leg at a time. About 5 minutes per leg.

About 3:00 my back/hip area just started screaming in pain from sitting. I went outside and took about a 15 minute walk, and helped immensely.

5/02/2019 Thursday

Didn’t do much of anything yesterday, I was dead tired. I took a nap in my car at lunch. On the drive home I drove with my head pressed firmly into the headrest with my back barely touching the seat.

10:40 – Preworkout; NOX, BCAA, bHIP Red, whey protein, ACV

10:50 – Superman x 15

  • Yoga Pushups x 75; wide hands
  • Hurdlers lunge x 15/side; I decided that there are 2 ways to do this. The way I was doing it at my last prison facility I will henceforth call a hurdler’s deadlift. This entails bending forward at the waste over my front leg, whereas the hurdler’s lunge doesn’t. I will remain upright.
  • Sphynx Triceps Pushups x 20; narrow hands, elbows at 90° (directly below shoulders) so not a big ROM
  • Chair Dips x 20; feet on floor, very short ROM

The entire “circuit” only took 5 minutes, and the last minute of it was at my desk so only 4 minutes away from my desk.

11:05 – Neck Mobility Drills; another 4 minutes.

  • Chair Dips x 25, <1 minute

Have a Great Day!


Have a Great Day!


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