Week of 01/22/2019

Didn’t do any training yesterday, the warden was in an absolutely miserable, foul mood. Up my butt all day long, just pissed off about everything, looking for any and every problem or mistake she could find, even made up a couple of mistakes that were not legit. When I pointed out that they were correct, she said “well change the way it looks! I don’t like it!” Anyway, I could go on, but what’s the point? It just reminds me of the premise of this journal: to keep me focused on escaping prison, not making it pleasant or tolerable.

01/22/2019 Tuesday

10/15 – BCAA + NOX

10:25 – 100 Pushups App x 15, 13, 15, 17, 16, 16, 14, 14, 50; 2 min rest in between. 170 totals reps. Total failure on last rep, not sure how I completed it. I barely locked out on rep 49, but did lock out on 50. I think I would have injured myself if I’d tried to lower myself back down.

I may have to stop doing these at work because the rest period is turning this into a 20 minute workout. I’ll see after the next one because it is going to be fewer total reps, so I’m guessing it will be more reps per set with fewer sets, which translates into fewer rest periods and less overall time.

01/23/2019 Wednesday

9:40 – BCAA + NOX

– Neck Mobility Drills

10:00 – Handstand Press x 7, 3, 2; 2 min rest; total failure on each, did eccentric phase after each last rep, o final set got back off the ground part way before giving out.

– Sphynx Tricep Extension x 18; failure, intense burn, maybe had 2 more but couldn’t dig deep enough to find out.

– Yoga Pushups x 75; not quite failure, but close enough. I was roasting and my elbows and chest were on fire.

10:40 – Sphynx Tricep Extension x 25; failure; elbows very close to body and near bottom of rib cage

Have a Great Day!