Check out what I just did, it hits on chef, minimalism, organization, efficiency,…whatever…something.

It’s a magnetic knife strip!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAs I streamline (minimize) it helps if I organize things along the way. To have less stuff and have it in disarray only helps to a point. To have it organized enables one to identify the necessary, and the varying degrees of importance of what’s left beyond that. My minimalization will be less austere than others, because of my priorities. A prepper is always going to have stuff around that he hasn’t had a need for in 18 months.

If it is minimized, but still mixed in with the important, it is harder to evaluate the non-essential pieces – to impartially see if you can cut more when they are all snuggled up next to the necessary pieces.

Anyway, it looks cool, they are the knives I use 97% of the time, they aren’t banging up against the riff raff getting dull, they are never buried under the knife I don’t want to use, I don’t have to look through the knife drawer to see if it is even clean and available…all I’m saying is yay!

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