Shoulder Rehab

I went to see my doctor yesterday for my 6 month diabetes checkup (it’s required by law in order for him to be able to write me a scrip for my insulin and test strips, what a load of crap).  Since I was there, I asked him about my shoulder.  He confirmed my diagnosis, and said I should be stretching it even if I do still have pain.  He said it is not uncommon for this type of injury to morph into frozen shoulder syndrome, especially for people our age and for diabetics.

Here is an awesome link that goes more in depth on what my doctor told me.  http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/drryan9.htm

I did one set of one stretch for each muscle, and one set of one exercise.  My shoulder seems to feel better, maybe just because the muscles are warmed up and tighter.  I held the stretches for 20 seconds each, did 12 reps for the infraspinatus and a 20 second isometric contraction for the Teres Minor.

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