Shoulder Rehab – Almost there!

Today I find myself wanting to skip my shoulder rehab work. Not because I can’t stand it anymore, but because I have other demands on my time and I feel good about the progress I’ve made. My mind is telling itself that it’s not that big of a deal if I skip today because I am definitely getting close to full recovery, and if I skip a day it’s not really going to make much of a difference.

The problem with that however, while it may very well be true, is that this is how habits are formed. Since my rotator cuff is no longer holding me back it gets easier and easier to ignore treating it until it just becomes forgotten. I need to make this a daily habit, just as I have my neck mobility. Once it is, then I can skip a day here or there because I won’t forget to do it the next day. So now I must force myself to do it, so that the habit which forms is one of daily maintenance, not letting it slip by the wayside. So without further ado….

I just did 1 ALR stretch and kneeling ALR with 3lb, 1 LR stretch and lying LR with 3lb. I pushed a little further with the stretches. I have to be at 95% ROM (range of motion) on my injured side compared to my healthy side when achieving pain level 5 (at least with scapula flexed back and down), and I held it for 40 seconds this time. I also did 25 reps with the dumbbells.

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