Fridge Knowledge – the Brisket

Today I have decided to take the plunge and see if this beef brisket is still good after being in a 60 degree refrigerator for two days before being transferred to the 34 degree fridge.

The brisket was smoked in a smoker for 15 hours, then allowed to rest for an hour or so while I nibbled on it during the Cowboys game. I put it into the fridge not realizing the fan wasn’t working properly and therefore not cooling properly. It was in there for 24 hours before I realized the problem. I ate a piece that day and was fine. I put a cheap, old appliance thermometer in the fridge to discover that the temp was approximately 60 degrees. Things are cool-ish, but not cold. It was another 24 hours before I had room in the (separate) refrigerator drawer for the remainder of the brisket. In retrospect I should have put the whole thing in the freezer as soon as I realized, but it had been an exhausting couple of days and I just wasn’t on top of my game. Plus I was a bit exasperated since I just bought this fridge in May.

Well I did put a chunk in the freezer at the same time I put the other portion in the refrigerator drawer. The part that I am eating today has been in the working part of the fridge for roughly 2 days (I put it there at about 2:00 on Tuesday, it is 11:00 on Thursday), in addition to the two days it spent in the 60 degree section. It’s been 15 minutes since I ate a few pieces and so far all is well. I am also eating some pickled jalapeno/olive/carrot/celery in oil concoction.

Have a Great Day!


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