Backpack Training 9/4/2018

3 and ½ weeks until we hit the trail. We will be going to Cross Timber Trail again, the same one we did in January. I’m a little nervous, the trip in January almost put me off of backpacking entirely. That was my first real backpacking trip and I was not prepared. We covered at least 20

miles (hard to say exactly how much distance because we lost the trail and had to find our way back).

About 3 weeks ago I started doing the stairs at work two days per week, 19 stories per trip. Last week I bumped it up to 28 stories on one of the days. Still not enough, but better than nothing. Today instead of doing stairs, I did alternating reverse lunges – 25 per side. I am also starting back on my cubicle prison workouts, but nothing like I was doing. I keep dealing with injuries. I have been dealing with some really persistent tennis elbow, and before that I had carpel tunnel syndrome. Before that I had gashed my hand open pretty good trying to break off a piece of Plexiglas for the back door (yes I scored it really well first, just not well enough). And then there is the back pain which got worse since my last updates …

9/7/2018 Friday

On Wednesday I had my back worked on by Aubrey. Before I went to my appointment I did some hamstring stretches, toe touches, a few air squats, about 90 secoinds of flat footed squating, and some pushups – regular, updog, and knee.

Yesterday I did updog (about 30 I think), knee pushups (about 30 I think), and regular pushups (about 10 I think) – all with tricep focus; chair dips ( I think a set of 50 and 30); and some isometric delt raises using the arms of my work chair for resistence. I don’t record any of these because work is so much more insane than it was when I started keeping track of my prison cube workouts and gym workouts. Injury-wise my body is finally back to where I could get into the gym again, but there is no time. Maybe I can do the last two weeks of the month some months, we’ll see.

Now for today.

8:45 – isometric delt raises x 50 (I say isometric because my arms don’t really move, but I am pulsing against the arms of my chair rather than holding constant)

9:30 – updog pushups x 50, focus on pec using wide elbows and hands

10:35-10:50 – stairs, 8.5 stories x 3, + 2 stories back to my prison cube; 90 degree squats x 10

11:25 – iso-delt x 60 seconds, dug really deep last 3-4 seconds

Knee pushups x 10 straight to pushups x 20, pec emphasis with wide hands and elbows

1 min rest

pushups x 20, fast

11:40 – lunch – 2 eggs and a little left over fajita(ish) pork

1:45 – standing posterior pelvic tilts x 30

3:35 – Iso-delt raise x 50, pushed hard

Rear delt iso-elbow squeeze against chair back (think seated row with elbows bent and arms parellel to floor)

Have a Great Day!


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