Every time I hear about how we need an accountability partner, or that we need to find our Jonathon to hold us accountable, I feel more exhausted than I already am.

It implies that, even though we can never do enough, we should always be striving for more. I want to be done with striving. That may be cool for all the type A’s out there, but I am not a type A. Our society holds the type A personalities in higher esteem than others, but not all societies do. We are missing it. If our message to the unsaved is “come and be as exhausted as we are”, how many unbelievers are going to be willing to give salvation a chance? Didn’t Jesus say “My yolk is light”? Isn’t that the message we should be sending?

I want to find a Jonathon so I can have a brother in arms that I can lean on, and who can lean on me because we are bleeding, shell shocked and overwhelmed by the assault we are under in this war. I want someone who can put down some suppressing fire while I take a minute to catch my breath and reload, not someone to keep pushing me harder and harder. I don’t want someone to hold me accountable, if I am a true Christian the Holy Spirit can do that, I want someone to empathize with me. I want a safe place in which to work through my problems. An accountability partner does not sound the same as loving friend, brother, compadre, or bro.

We are under the (false?) impression that primarily God wants to be worshipped by us, but I propose that foremost He wants to be loved by us. He could have achieved worship without giving us free will. Worship can be coerced, but love cannot be. Not true love.

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