Falling Off The Wagon

Wow what a crazy couple of weeks. Until this past Tuesday I hadn’t done any type of training since the week of Jan 22.

The weekend of the 25th – 27th me and the guys went backpacking on the Little Bugaboo Hiking trail in Oklahoma. So technically I guess you would say The last day was Sunday the 27th. It was actually more than just that trail, we started off on the South Rim trail which is only about 3.3 miles, then we veered off to the Bog Spring Trail which is about 2.1 miles, that took us to the Hog Camp trail, Then on to the Hunter Cabin trail, then on to the North Rim trail, then I’m

not sure where we ended up. We also lost the trail on n the North Rim Trail and had to bush whack down a ravine and back up the other side. We had ended up in a dry water runoff bed thinking we were still on the trail. It was a long, steep hike back up to the trail. I can’t remember if we followed the North Rim trail all the way to our final camp site or if we ended up on Wildcat trail. I’m pretty sure we didn’t take Wildcat though. It got pretty hairy about this point, and we were bushwhacking a good part of the way. There was a water crossing which was pretty manageable. The last day coming out we didn’t have far to go, but it was all up hill. Every step. Not sure about total miles covered, but it was definitely more than the 11.2 “official” miles.

Anyway, I had a job interview on Monday morning, and I closed on my refi in the afternoon (I had to move from a 20 year to a 30 year mortgage in an attempt to lower my monthly expenses – the fewer expenses I have, the more freedom I have). Monday afternoon I started coming down with a mild head cold. Tuesday and Wednesday there was no way I could make it in to work. Came back on Thursday but felt like hell. I have been trying to shake it ever since. It has been lingering in my throat this whole time. I’ve been taking in excess of 5000 mg vitamin C every day, along with Noni extract, Airborne, some zinc (not a lot, I need to get more), and plenty of garlic, onions, and habaneros. It is February which means the hardest work month (because of the shortest closing time frames) of the year. Although this year January was just miserable too. Last week I worked 12 and 13 hour days. The warden still acted like I was a lazy slacker. I’ve completed all of my returns ahead of my deadlines by 1 or 2 days.

So Tuesday (2 days ago) I did a set of 40 air squats just to try and get moving again. I felt much better yesterday and did some chin-ups and 15 lb dumbbell curls. Today I have done some up/down dog movement for a set of 25 and I did 40 narrow hand pushups. It is insane how fast you lose progress at the age of 52 when you stop doing it for any length of time. I’m curious to see how long it will take to get back up to the levels I was hitting before I got sick. Right now there is no way I can even attempt to do a wall handstand, and I’m not pushing myself hard on the other movements right now either. It’s even a challenge to get myself mentally pumped even watching my motivational videos. Next week I should be close enough to 100% that I can start pushing myself again.

Have a Great Day!


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