Random Just do SOMETHING Movements

Here are some things to do when you have absolutely no energy, feel like hell, are too dang tried to find any motivation whatsoever, are practically falling asleep at your desk, or have had an intense week of training and just need something to stay active.

Pick as many or as few as you want; do them at any intensity level you want. These are simple movements that can be used just to stay mobile and don’t have to take hardly any time at all. It’s better to go easy than to be sedentary. Just get some blood flowing, you’ll get back to training for your escape tomorrow. It’s ok.

Calf Raises

Arm Circles

Neck Mobility Drills

Seated Scapular Dips

Hip Mobility Drill

Touch the Floor While Seated

Torso Twist – seated or standing

No Weight Delt Raises (like flapping your wings)

Isometric Chest Squeeze

Up Dog, or Partial Up Dog with hands on Desk

Biceps Flex

Rear Pec Deck Motion

Triceps Flex

Seated Knee Ups

Glute Flex

Iso-Seated Row pressing elbows into chair back

Have a Great Day!