Prison Cubicle Training again

I know I’ve said this before, but it isn’t just the muscles that weaken from an extended (2 week) layoff. The motivation and drive fall off a cliff. Even though I have the desire to do something, the thought of digging down deep makes want to just “wait until I have more mental energy”. That is folly, it is never coming back. It will show up after I re-establish the habit of doing it. I don’t just mean doing the exercises and training either, I mean pushing farther than I think I am capable of. Uggggh. It’s early, it’s cold, it’s very cloudy which is depressing and completely uninspiring. In fact it’s not just uninspiring but it is anti-inspiring. I love me some Texas for many reasons, but the weather is not one of them. Winter here is depressing, it’s like living in London or Seattle. I am a child of light, I need the sun. Being overcast for weeks at a time with spots of momentary sunshine here and there is getting harder and harder for me to deal with.

2/19/2019 Tuesday

Yesterday I managed to force myself to do pushups to failure. I was able to grind out a set of 52, total failure on the concentric phase of #53. That was good, I wasn’t sure I could do more than 50 early on in the set. I took a video of myself doing them on my phone, and was surprised at how poor my form appears. I am conscious of using good form, but apparently my proprioception is off. That’s not a big deal though, it is an easy fix: raise my hips higher and they will be in line with my shoulders and ankles, and don’t look directly down at the floor, tilt my chin a bit more forward. Think kissing the floor rather than touching my nose to it.

8:40 – Windshield Wipers x 8; bent knees, my right side (problem area) is just frozen solid, so I just stayed in the bottom position to the left and focused on relaxing into the stretch. It feels a little better, but I could barely get back up off of the floor. The core muscles did not want to work with me.

– Split Squats x 10/side. My right glute feels significantly weaker, even though I think it is actually the stronger side. That is the side I leap off of when jumping over things. On this exercise (and all glute/leg exercises going forward) I focused on driving my foot into the floor and attempting to externally (laterally) rotate it. Like I was screwing something into the floor with my foot.

I wonder if hydration is part of my issue right now? I think I’ll make sure that isn’t the case, I’m going to chug back about 16 ounces of water right now.

9:45 – NOS + Protein powder + ACV

– Handstand Press x 7! New personal best! Total failure after 7.

– Yoga Pushups x 90; failure, good pump. This is my follow up from yesterday.

10:50 – Handstand x 7 seconds; this was an attempt to just do a handstand without using the wall. I did a few 1 and 2 second attempts in which I lost my balance, then I got longer one of about 7 seconds or so.

– Reverse Lunge, non-alternating x 25/side; focused on “screwing my feet into the floor” again, this really does move the focus to the glutes. I am sucking wind too, definitely out of shape after my recent downtime.

– Triceps Flex x 30 seconds; dug as deep as I could

3:30 – BCAA + NOS + ACV

– Handstand Press x 5

– Box Step ups x 5 per side; woohoo! Anything to keep moving dontcha know

Have a Great Day!


Prison Cubicle Workout Week of 1/14/2019

I’m not going to be as consistent recording my activity level this week, it is truly the week from hell.


10:30 – Neck Mobility Drills

10:47 – BCAAs + Protein Powder + NOS + ACV

10:55 – Handstand Press x 6, x 2; 90 second rest; total failure on both, couldn’t lock out on rep 6, made it up past ½ way though, and kept trying to push higher for about 4 seconds; touched head to floor on rep 2 of 2nd set and couldn’t budge an inch; had to stop for blood sugar, 61 mg/dl.

11:05 – Lunch: Brussel Sprouts, onions and sausage;

01/15/2019 Tuesday Payday!

Payday! Been here since 6:55, worked 7:25 – 5:45 yesterday, no lunch. F this, I’m taking some pump time!

8:25 – BCAAs + NOS Preworkout + ACV + protein powder

8:35 – 100 Pushups App x 14, 14, 15, 15, 14, 14, 10, 10, 50; failure, was only supposed to do 44, and wasn’t sure I’d be able to. Before I started it I thought to myself “I can do as many as I can and then pause to finish out the reps.” No need. I almost couldn’t lock out on #50, and did not go back down after that either.

01/16/2019 Wednesday

10:20 – BCAAs + Protein Powder + NOS + ACV

10:30 – Yoga Pushups x 150!; failure, really focused on keeping glutes and lower back relaxed so they didn’t assist, except the

– Sphynx Tricep Extension x 10; close to fail, maybe 12 or maybe maybe 15, not likely though. Elbows in line with mid-ribs; no rest after pushups

Warden keeps coming by my desk, something’s changed in her attitude, not good. Very uptight, she came by while I was typing the above; going to have to keep typing to a minimum.

12:30 – BCAAs + NOS;

12:40 – Sphynx Tricep Extensions x 25; had to stop several times but total reps was my goal, try not to flex lower back or glutes

– Stiff Leg Dead Lifts – 92; not full ROM, torso to parallel, arch in back, not returning to fully upright

Have a Great Day!


Cubicle Prison Workout Week of 12/17/2018

12/17/2018 Monday

8:50 – Squats x 90; Medium wide stance, (shoulder width); good form, slow and steady; parallel or slightly beyond; not failure, but got really difficult; Breathing too heavy, it’s too hot in here, I feel a little pass out-ish, not hydrated enough; planned to do 50

10:25 – BCAAs

10:35 – Handstand Pushups x 5; total failure on last rep, didn’t make it 100% to the top; hands were shoulder width, I was about 0 inches from the wall I’d guess.

30 second Rest

– Wall Handstand x 20 seconds; very intense, had to stop, blood rushing to head, arms shaking; don’t know if I could have made it to 30 seconds;

I wonder if I was too far from the wall, and that made it easier? I was more angled than straight up and down. I did the handstands in the stairwell, and walking down two floors my legs were a bit shaky from this morning’s squats. Bravo me!

11:20 – Iso-Side Delt Raises x 30 seconds; pressing against arms of chair; pushed hard;

11:40 – Lunch – homemade turkey soup with stock and meat from thanksgiving. This is significant because the turkey was a Mary’s pastured turkey.

12/18/2018 Tuesday

I am Fit after Fifty

My upper chest/front delts are really tight from that handstand work yesterday. I slept like a rock last night for 9 hours solid. Didn’t wake up until 6:30 AM. I just did a set of 10 pushups, just to see, and they were pretty tough. I’m not sure what my plan of attack will be. Should I attempt the pushup app, should a maybe stick with updog pushups? I think I’ll try the updog and see if that warms me up enough.

8:38 – BCAAs; a coworker noticed me taking the BCAAs, that was kind of motivating. Now I feel like I need to do something to be legit taking them. I am not a poser.

8:41 – Updog Pushups x 25; had to stop because I heard boss lady get here early! They felt pretty good though, once I got limbered up. I did them fairly slow, focusing more on the stretch than the contraction. Also visualized pushing the floor away from me rather than pushing myself off the floor.

9:20 – Pushups 1×40, 1×25; did these in the stairwell for privacy, set 1 was almost failure, I had to stop because I lost my concentration and almost fell over. Took a 1 minute rest between sets and walked up the stairs 2 stories then back down. 2nd set was total and absolute failure. I barely got rep #25 out, I was stuck at the bottom, just kept pushing, go part way up, then a little more, and then with a roar hit the top of the rep. I had to get on my knees immediately or fall flat on my face. Literally.

I was almost at failure at the bottom of every rep after #21. This is probably the deepest I’ve dug this year, maybe ever while at cubicle prison. I walked back up the two stories to my floor, and at the very top step I had to sit down because I felt like I was going to black out. It took me a couple of minutes to get back to my feet. Back at my desk I checked my heart rate and it was about 165 bpm. I’m sure I wasn’t properly hydrated for that level of intensity. I wasn’t planning to push that hard.

9:30 – More BCAAs and agua.

10:30 – Neck Mobility Drills; Shoulder Mobility Drills;

11:55 – Pushups x 60; medium hands and elbows; total failure again; there is no way I could do these at my desk, I am breathing and grunting and pushing like I would in the gym. I don’t care if someone hears me in the stairwell. I can’t believe I got to 60, at 30 I was telling myself just make it to 50, at 50 I was like “just 1 more, shoot for 55”, at 55 I just went for the impossible, push until I break. It took 4 minutes to walk downs the stairs, grind out the pushups, and walk back up. This time after doing the pushups I tried to catch my breath a little before climbing the stairs.

I can’t believe how deep I have been able to dig today, I mean really pushing past my limits. Work is just sucking the last two days too. I am supposed to leave today and not come back until the January 2nd , and the warden just keeps finding all this tedious bullshit to do to keep interrupting my deadline driven work. She’s just looking for things to stress about instead of coasting into the break we all so desperately need.

12:13 – Updog Tricep Extensions x 25; elbows close to body; failure on these too! I am crushing it today!

6 mi break

– Seated Tricep Dips x 25; Full ROM, feet elevated on mini-fridge, very near failure, I could count it as a fail, but I think I lost my focus and just crashed down but could have gotten 1 or maybe 2 more;

Lunch! – Homemade Turkey Soup, Organifi,

2:45 – Single Leg Standing Calf Raise 1x 30, 1 x 20; basically super-set them, moved from one leg to other and back nonstop. Reached failure on each set, had to pause near the end a couple of time on the left leg to finish the set.

I think this is how I am going to approach calf training: pick a total number of reps I want to hit, and just start grinding toward them until I hit it no matter how many sets it takes. I think I’ll do this every day too. I seem to remember back in the day reading that calf muscles recover very quickly. I’m also going to focus less on my outer calf, not try to be so balanced. The bulk of the muscle is toward the inner leg, so if I want my kids to stop telling me I have starving prisoner legs, I need to focus on the bulky part of the muscle. This means at the top of my movement picture a ballerina going up onto her big toe.

I’m sending this one off on a Tuesday because I am leaving today and not coming back to the prison until the new year. I’m going to be focused on some important things over my release, so I may not be too diligent with my updates.

Have a Great Day!