Prison Cubicle Workout Week of 1/14/2019

I’m not going to be as consistent recording my activity level this week, it is truly the week from hell.


10:30 – Neck Mobility Drills

10:47 – BCAAs + Protein Powder + NOS + ACV

10:55 – Handstand Press x 6, x 2; 90 second rest; total failure on both, couldn’t lock out on rep 6, made it up past ½ way though, and kept trying to push higher for about 4 seconds; touched head to floor on rep 2 of 2nd set and couldn’t budge an inch; had to stop for blood sugar, 61 mg/dl.

11:05 – Lunch: Brussel Sprouts, onions and sausage;

01/15/2019 Tuesday Payday!

Payday! Been here since 6:55, worked 7:25 – 5:45 yesterday, no lunch. F this, I’m taking some pump time!

8:25 – BCAAs + NOS Preworkout + ACV + protein powder

8:35 – 100 Pushups App x 14, 14, 15, 15, 14, 14, 10, 10, 50; failure, was only supposed to do 44, and wasn’t sure I’d be able to. Before I started it I thought to myself “I can do as many as I can and then pause to finish out the reps.” No need. I almost couldn’t lock out on #50, and did not go back down after that either.

01/16/2019 Wednesday

10:20 – BCAAs + Protein Powder + NOS + ACV

10:30 – Yoga Pushups x 150!; failure, really focused on keeping glutes and lower back relaxed so they didn’t assist, except the

– Sphynx Tricep Extension x 10; close to fail, maybe 12 or maybe maybe 15, not likely though. Elbows in line with mid-ribs; no rest after pushups

Warden keeps coming by my desk, something’s changed in her attitude, not good. Very uptight, she came by while I was typing the above; going to have to keep typing to a minimum.

12:30 – BCAAs + NOS;

12:40 – Sphynx Tricep Extensions x 25; had to stop several times but total reps was my goal, try not to flex lower back or glutes

– Stiff Leg Dead Lifts – 92; not full ROM, torso to parallel, arch in back, not returning to fully upright

Have a Great Day!


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