Recovery Week Monday


I’m forcing myself to take this week off from working out, even though I really don’t want to. I am craving the pumped feeling I had at the end of last week. My progress hasn’t stalled so I want to keep pushing forward and making gains. I just have to remind myself that the purpose of recovery week is to avoid overtraining. This is the first day of recovery and I already feel weaker and fatter! Even though my muscles don’t feel like they need the break (quite the opposite actually), some of my joints feel like they do.

By taking a week now rather than waiting until I am burned out (or injured!) I will keep my motivation high when I return. This will be my first recovery week since starting my Cubicle Prison workouts. I have chosen this week partly because I still have 2 weeks (I think) of Prime Male left, and this way my T levels shouldn’t start dropping off from not training since I will still be supplementing. Plus, when I start back I’ll still have a week of supplementation to support my return to training before I cycle off the Prime Male for a week.

I will really focus on stretching this week, and am going to continue doing some gentle movement and mobility. Just because I am in recovery doesn’t mean I should let my glutes slip back into a coma. I’ll continue to do my neck mobility drills, some simple glute flexing or something to keep them activated but not challenged. At my age, general flexibility and mobility movements are necessary since my progress falls off so fast.

Have a Great Day!


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