Recovery Week Tuesday


Slept like a rock last night, dreamt like crazy, Asleep by 10, overslept and woke up about 7:45. Spent most of the night on my back, and it feels pretty good.

I’m not sure how to approach this Recovery Week thing. Should I be doing absolutely nothing, or do some light work on muscle groups that don’t get hit that hard during my Cubicle Prison workouts? What about my Glutes? I need them activated daily or I’m afraid they’ll go comatose again and my problem area will flare up again.

Today I did:

Neck Mobility routine

Torso Mobility – hip rotations, torso twists

Shoulder Mobility; rotator cuff stretch; rotator cuff exercises

Bicycle crunch – 50; good form until rep 40, kinda sloppy after that, but got near failure. Probably would have been failure with better form on final reps, but my abs were definitely trying to cramp at the end.

Hamstring Curls – 30/side

Have a Great Day!


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