Cubicle Prisoner Workout – Thursday 6/1/2017

Woke up pretty stiff, but nothing out of the ordinary. Considering yesterday it was to be expected. My left outer calf was stiff getting out of the car upon my arrival back to the joint this morning, but it seems to be better ow that I’m more mobile. I really tore down my body yesterday, so I’m not sure what to do today. I’m thinking: Bicycle Crunch for sure, probably Hamstrings too to balance out the quad work I did yesterday. Possibly back and biceps at home tonight.

Neck Mobility / Shoulder Mobility

Hamstring Stretch

Rear Leg Lift – 25

Back Extension on ball – 25

Sitting trunk Twist on ball – 25

– Back popped, felt good

Bicycle Crunch – 60; muscular failure!

– Full extension of legs

– Lots of rotation

– Fast reps, hip flexors burning on 50-60, just as fatigued as abs

Standing Hamstring Curls – 50; reached failure

– Slow reps, right is weaker than left

Chair Dip with feet on desk – 25


It’s been about 30 minutes, and my hamstrings are freaking wasted.

1:02 PM – left knee bothering me again, feels a little swollen, kinda aches. Ankle/top of foot may an issue too.

4:00 PM – Side Leg Lifts – 6, 30; Tough standing on leg that goes 2nd. It was almost muscular failure on standing leg!

6:00 PM Pullups at Home – 3.5, 3.5

Not full ROM, but just enough ROM to not call them partials. I used a different hand position.

I want to try one more set, but I feel like I may be trying to come down with something AGAIN! I did not get enough sleep last night, and what I did get sucked.

6:05 PM – Did 2nd set, 1 short ROM, 1 Full ROM, 1 sloppy short ROM and a sloppy ½.

6:45 Feeling some pain in left Brachialis / Brachiordalis (not sure which, possibly both).

Have a Great Day!


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