Cubicle Prison Workout – 6/02/2017

Freaky Friday

Slept really good for 10 hours last night, a lot of that time on my back, and my back felt great upon waking. Knee still tender, so I am wearing my copper knee wrap. My outer thigh is tender too, actually. I did overhead press before returning to prison this morning, it felt really good. Slight twinge in my elbow, so I’ll test it with some pushups or chair dips ;after. I may skip legs today, but I’ll do a test with lunges or something to make the determination.

So here’s the breakdown:

Dumbbell Overhead press before work – 15 lb dumbbells – 25 reps

Once back in my cell,

Neck Mobility, shoulder mobility, trunk mobility, calf stretch.

Chair Dip, feet on floor – 30 to test elbow and as a warm up for pushups


Checked blood sugar – 85, drink 1 serving of AminoLinx

Pushups – 40, reached failure at top of #40, Full ROM

Iso Chest Press for Upper pec – 45 sec, good burn

drink 1 more serving of AminoLinx


Iso Chest Press for Lower pec – 45 seconds

Chair Dip Feet on Desk – 25; super slow, pause at top, not to failure but epic burn

Delt Raise Purple bands – 30, good form, not failure but epic burn

Alternating Rear Lunge – 25; weak form, quads still weak, definitely harder in jeans that fit

Chair dip feet on Desk – 20; almost failure, super slow

Delt Raise Purple bands – 15, 3 second pause, 10 – serious burn

Checked blood sugar – 85 drink 1 serving of AminoLinx

3:45 Side Plank Dips – 10; slow and controlled, good ROM, felt like blood sugar was dropping again. Checked and it was 72, ate a Butterfinger Bite. Core feels really good.

Have a Great Day!


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